Collages: a unique gift idea

For our 16th anniversary, we present... The top 10 reasons why a collage makes the perfect gift idea

  1. Each photo collage is custom made by one of our expert designers. They are unique and personalized just for you or your loved one. No other gift can be as thoughtful or meaningful.
  2. We all have our favorite photographs but they sit in an album or computer and there is no real easy way to view them or show them off.
  3. A meaningful, personal anniversary gift idea is hard to come by... almost impossible (especially for parents). The solution? A custom made photo collage. By using their (tucked away) wedding day pics, they are brought back to life. Repairing and color correction of the old, faded photographs is included. No present can compare. Their joy in receiving the collage is as priceless as yours when you see their reaction, promise.
  4. When you're looking for that truly special milestone birthday gift for a friend or loved one (40th, 50th, 75th etc.), look no further.
  5. Since all you have to do is send us your photos digital or paper copies, it's a caring gift idea that is easy on your end. We'll do all the work and you can take all the credit.
  6. Need presents for everyone? Additional prints can be made of your photo collage, even at reduced sizes. Now, no one is left out.
  7. Don't have the photos? No problem. Give them a gift certificate. Great gift idea for a best friend, upcoming wedding, birthday or anniversary party. Then you can use the photos from that event.
  8. The photo collage can be used as a “sign-in board” for any party or event for your guests to sign.
  9. Our collages are very affordable. Pricing depends on size/number of photos, but average around $150 -$250. Not bad for a one-of-a-kind customized gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime...
  10. Custom photo collages created by ProCollage® are truly memorable, unique, personalized gifts that will be treasured forever.

Perfect for parents’...
Anniversary or
Birthday or
or anytime!

We all cherish our precious photos, but no one more than proud parents. Their children and family mean the world to them so a photo collage made of family heirloom photographs would be an exquisite gift idea for a special occasion or for no reason at all.

The blended collage to the right uses 35 family photographs is 24"x18" for standard framing. It should zoom when hovered allowing for up-close inspection of our attention to detail.

Gift Idea for Parents


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A custom photo collage is a thoughtful, loving gift idea for any occasion

Personalized, custom photo collages to enjoy and display on your wall.

When you need a truly special, creative, thoughtful and personal birthday gift, anniversary gift idea, wedding gift, retirement or graduation present, let us create a unique photo collage of memories for any occasion!

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.