Wedding & Honeymoon Collages

Creative ideas and uses for honeymoon and wedding day photos

Put your favorite wedding images where you can enjoy them, on your walls.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You spend a lot of time and money on photography to remember that remarkable day only to place those photos in an album where no one can see them! Gift for Newlyweds using Wedding Photos Let us create a photo collage to display your cherished pics of your wedding day. They can even be sent directly from your wedding photographer digitally.

Or, if you’d like to share your love for each other with your guests at your wedding, we can create a sign-in board. By using your engagement party photos, bachelor/bachelorette party (well, maybe not all of those) and favorite “couple” photos, we combine them to design a collage with a border around to allow your guests to sign it. These are fantastic mementos to remember your important day.

We can create your photo collage using all kinds of pictures. They include digital images or cell phone pictures, old black and white photos, Poloroids and regular photos. We can repair photographs, remove or highlight any portion of the pictures. All pictures are color corrected and enhanced so even damaged photograghs can usually be used. Our expert collage creation staff will work with you and your budget for the most memorable keepsake. Answers to commonly asked questions are found on the FAQ page.

Collage created using Wedding Photographs

Creative alternative solution to displaying your wedding day pictures. This blended photo collage contains 48 wedding photographer images arranged together making a gorgeous 28"x22" print converted to black & white for effect.

Gift Idea for Newlyweds from Wedding Day Photos

Celebrate the special occasion and congratulate the newlywed's marriage with a personalized gift idea that uses their own wedding day photos. We create photo collages using digital files or photographs. 11"x14" collage with 12 images.

Creative Idea using Marriage Photography

Using the 25 photographs and digital images from their wedding day, we made this romantic 24"x20" photo mosaic of their first kiss as husband & wife.

Wedding, Honeymoon & Family Photo Collage

A new family is born! Combining 16 total images from the wedding day and honeymoon, we create beautiful blended collages to decorate your home with. 18"x14"

Wedding Photos Collage “The Thompsons”

No one looks through those photo albums twice, not even you! See your wedding day pics daily as we turn them into a work of art. This blended photo collage is 24"x24" and uses 26 photos.

Engagement Gift for Fiancée “I Will”

Use your favorite pics of your partner to make a thoughtful, romantic gift that will touch thier heart. Blended collage uses 30 digital photos and measures 20"x16" and uses 26 photos.

Newlywed Photo Collage “Our 1st Year as Mr. & Mrs.”

First anniversary gift created with pictures from their honeymoon and wedding. Blended photo collage with 36 digital images, measuring 24"x18" with personalized message.

Idea for Newlyweds using Wedding Day & Engagement Photographs

Photo collages made up of images from the wedding and engagement are timeless anniversary gift ideas and treasured artwork to hang in your home. This blended collage uses 20 images is 14"x11" and converted to sepia-tone.

Gift Idea for Parents’ Wedding Anniversary

Using your family photos and wedding day images, we can design a customized keepsake present that your family can enjoy for a lifetime. This blended photo collage is a meaningful anniversary gift that their parents loved. Uses 26 images and is 24"x18".

Mobile Phone Digital Camera Pictures Gift Idea

Create unique picture collage gifts from images taken at a wedding party. Our blended collages are a creative way to display those favorite moments. 24"x18" using 32 pics.

Say “no” to the photo album...
Better Creative Ideas for Wedding Day Photgraphy

How many times is your photo album seen? Your wedding day is a truly special occasion and you and your partner looked your best, so why not ENJOY those pictures? Our blended photo collages are personalized and customized for any space. The best is gorgeous and is hung on your wall to be seen, not tucked away.

The picture collage to the right contains 40 photographs, some of which are from their wedding. This 50th anniversary gift photo collage is 24"x24" with a customized message and showcases their wedding invitation. Hover over the image to view, up-close, the craftsmanship and our attention to detail that we put into every collage design.

Parents' Anniversary Gift


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We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.