Photo Mosaic Prints

Photo mosaics are creative gift ideas from digital pictures or photographs. 

Turn your images into picture mosaic poster prints to hang on your walls.

Romantic Anniversary Gift using Pictures The photo mosaic montage is a large image composed of many tiled photos (we suggest using 20+). The difference between our photo mosaics and most others is that we randomize the ‘mini’ photos to avoid a pattern recognition. When complete and displayed in a frame, the photo mosaic is an absolutely beautiful work of art that hangs in your home on your wall becoming an instant conversation piece. These photo mosaic prints and murals are truly unique and affordable. personalized gift ideas for friends or family, especially for a birthday present or that special anniversary gift for parents' or loved ones.

The best mosaics are made with closeup photos of individual faces or objects, ones that can be easily recognized. Keep in mind that the “mini” photos are about the size of your thumbnail, so it is difficult to see much detail. Use as many photos as you'd like to compromise the background. As always, ProCollage® will send you a digital proof via email before we print anything insuring you are 100% satisfied with your project.

Why are ProCollage’s® mosaics better?

The answer is easy to say, but difficult to prove...quality. All mosaics are created by talented digital artists. No specialized programs or automated apps spitting out those mini pics. That care we dedicate to craft our mosaics is apparent once we're finished. But how do we show that to you BEFORE you order? Great question...

Since all of our collages and mosaics are individually built by expertly trained graphic designers, each image is examined and prepared for maximum clarity.

Example: The photo on the left was to be used as one of the mini thumbnail pics that tile together to make up the big image. Displayed below are (3) ways that the pic could be included in the larger mosaic...

Picture Mosaic

Original supplied for ‘mini’ pic in mosaic


This ‘mini square’ gets created simply by using the image’s entire height or width. Without artistic supervision, this would be the default crop.
NO GOOD: Subjects are too small


This ‘mini square’ is made by making a square around both people. Seldom works as their heads can become too small to recognize.
NOT TOO GOOD: Subjects are still unrecognizable


These ‘mini square’ are created by cropping intelligently around each person for maximum size. Takes twice as long, but worth it.
GOOD: Subjects are clearly recognizable. ALSO, we can use mini pic #2, making three thumbnail images from one photo.

All submitted photos are color-corrected and restored. The photo's levels and color composition is adjusted and balanced so each and EVERY picture in your collage is the best it can be. Minor photo repair is done for free as well. If major work is necessary, there may be an additional charge and we'll let you know beforehand.

Unique Photographic Gift Idea for Newlyweds

A photo mosaic can be created using digital pictures taken at the wedding party and honeymoon to make this poster print of the newlywed couple. This humorous, creative photo mosaic montage has 55 mini pics and measures 16"x20".

Photo Mosaic Print using Baby Photos

Using tiny thumbnail photos of your newborn, baby or child, we can create a large photo mosaic print to hang anywhere in your house. This photo mosaic contains 50 images and was printed at 24"x18". Since we can repeat the pattern, they can any size as long as the main image is large enough.

Creative Photographic Gift for Him from Old Pictures & Digital Photos

This print is 18"x24" and tiles together over 100 photographs and digital files to expose a portrait of the family’s father dressed in his military uniform. This photo mosaic made a meaningful gift for their dad on Father’s Day given by his wife and daughters

Ideas for Displaying Photographer’s Engagement Pictures

Looking for a neat idea for those romantic, pre-wedding pictures that the photographer took of you and your partner? Using the digital images (or photographs), we create gorgeous poster-sized prints. 24"x36" couple photo mosaic with 65 photos. Great gift idea for an anniversary also.

Mini Pictures of Pet Dog Creating a Beautiful Poster

Pet owners love taking pictures of their dog, cat, etc and making a custom photo mosaic poster of their pet is a fantastic, creative and unique way to display them all. This poster printed at 18"x24" and was made using 35 different digital pics. They are randomized to avoid making a noticeable pattern.

Memorable Gift Idea for Boss, Co-worker or Retirement

Give your boss a meaningful, personalized gift they’ll cherish and remember. We can use photos from work, the office, product shots, clients and family all together to make a custom poster print to hang in their office. 18"x24" containing 125 images.

Special Photographic Gift Idea for Husband Anniversary

18"x24" containing 75 digital images.
ProCollage® Creative Idea using Pet Pictures and Digital Phone Photos
Creative idea from pet dog pictures

Unique and Creative Idea using Mobile Pictures and Pet Photos

Personalized pet photo gift from photographs & digital files
[24"x18" photo mosaic poster with 65 pictures]

The Mosaic was a HUGE hit last night!!!! Please let me know when you post it to your site – I am sure she will be thrilled to see him on your page.

I will be getting my pictures together for my pup. Trying to get just the right one for the main picture. Stay tuned!!!

Thanks again for helping to make this pup’s first year birthday so memorable.

Lori N., York, PA on July 7, 2013more real client testimonials »

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.