Pet photo collage prints

Creative pet photography ideas to display or give as personalized gifts.

Personalized picture collages & photo mosaic prints of pets made for home decor.
Pet Dog Print Idea
Ideas using Digital Images of Pets - 24"x18" Photo Mosaic Print using 65 pics

Our pets are part of the family! They can be like a child to us or a brother, sister, and best friend. We show off pictures of our pets like we do our children. How can you not just love all the cute things they do! You have to take many pictures and every photo warms the heart when you look at it.

Get those digital pictures off your phone or camera. Don't just leave them in apps as files you have to open to see. We can put them all into a photo collage to hang on the wall! Your custom pet collage will bring a smile to your face every time you walk by.

Share with everyone the fun and love your pet brings you without having to bore them with the scrolling through your camera to share with them. Most of us have lost a pet and it is really hard. We want to remember the love they gave us and never forget them. A photo gift memorial can keep the memory of your dog or cat with you forever and can be a fantastic gift idea for your loved one to ease some of the depression from the loss. But, before that happens, take some new photos of your pet and combine them with their puppy pics (or kitty pics) and send them to us to create your collage!

My husband wanted me to reiterate how much he loved his collage and that he would be honored to have it on your website. He keeps raving about it. I’m so glad I picked you. Both your website and customer service are outstanding. I’m glad to be one of your 1,500 satisfied customers.
Karen A., Glastonbury, CT on Jan. 15, 2013 more testimonials »

Whether you have photographs, mobile phone pictures or digital files, our skilled graphic artists work with you to create a cherished keepsake within your budget. Since we can make them any size or proportion using any number of images, they make great gift ideas for any pet owner or for ourselves to remember our most beloved animals. Answers to our most frequently asked questions can be found here: FAQ page.

Beloved Cat Memorial Idea: Photo Collage

“Tosh” was my companion, my sunshine and was much more than just a ‘cat’. At 17 years of age, it was his time. I was devastated and (still) miss him terribly. This photo memorial helps me remember EVERYDAY the joy he brought to my life. 24"x18" block photo collage using 28 images.

Ideas using Photography of Pets (Cats & Dogs)

If you’re a multiple pet owner, then we know you’ve got adorable photographs of your beloved animals! Creating a blended photo collage will show off those pictures in a beautiful, unique way and you can hang it anywhere. 16"x20" using 30 images.

Personalized Gift Idea for Dog Owners

The passing of a pet is a very upsetting event. Keep the memory of their pets in their heart with a custom print; a memorial gift for his brothers’ beloved dog “Dakota”. 11"x14" blended photo collage with 20 digital photos and 8 photographs.

Artistic and Creative Ideas using Pet Photography

With one image of their kitten, we create wall art pop-art prints. Inspired by artist Andy Warhol, our Photohols™ are unique, colorful and an exciting way to creatively display your favorite photos of your pets. 30"x30" with one digital pic with shades added.

Custom gifts made for people who love their pets

Searching for a unique, creative birthday gift idea for a friend or family member who adores their pets? Consider a custom photo collage. We created this 18"x24" blended collage with 48 photographs “Happy Birthday Carole - Love You Always”.

Poster Print Created using Pictures of Pet Cats

Create a tribute to your favorite pets and always have them to enjoy and look at. Our custom photo collages with borders are stylish and colorful as well as being a very unique home decor idea. This 12"x36" print uses 36 pictures of their pet cats.

Pet Owner Photography Birthday Gift for Mom

This birthday photo collage was made for a mother who just loved her dogs. The poster print is a 21"x11" blended collage using 18 favorite photographs of the family pets.

Creative Idea using Digital Pics & Photographs

With your photos and digital files we create personalized memorials for loving, grieving pet owners to forever remember their fury companions. Using six favorite photos of their family dog, “Chopper”, we made this 18"x14" blended collage print.
ProCollage® Memorial picture idea for beloved pets
Photo collage ideas for dog owners
Photographic Memorial Idea for Beloved Pet Owner - 24"x20" Bordered Collage 30 images
Border/Block Picture Collage titled “Calli”

Beloved Pet Memorial Picture Idea Border Photo Collage Print

[24"x20" with 30 photographs & digital images]

Yes... it’s perfect! We love it. It breaks our heart right now, but it provides us with a lasting memory of our most cherished little Calli. She was such a special little puppy. Thank you for bringing it all together. We look forward to seeing it hanging in our home.
Sandy N., Fort Worth, TX on Dec. 28, 2007 more real customer testimonials »

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.