Thoughtful photography gifts

for any occasion & anyone... ages 1-100+!

Imagine the look of surprise on your loved one’s face when they seetheir favorite moments, memories and pictures together in one frame! Even better... they get to see those images on the wall for years to come. Much better than hiding them in photo albums, right?

Custom photo collages make neat, unique, personal, thoughtful gifts. Loved ones will forever enjoy reliving their past memories. It is difficult to explain the comfort and joy you’ll feel when looking at your collage, filled with your favorite memories on the wall. Please do not just take our word for it, here’s what a satisfied client said...

I can not express the fondness we have for our collage. We hung it in our entryway and it’s become such a wonderful conversation piece! I tell everyone that unless you own one, you can not imagine the joy and happy memories I have when I see another “hidden” picture. I pass by my collage everyday and it’s just so uplifting. It truly is the most meaningful picture I have ever owned. Thank you. Ann S. - Boston, Mass.

Anniversaries | Birthdays | Teams | Newlyweds/Weddings | Sympathy Gifts | Spouses/Partners

Photo Collage Gifts for an Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary gift ideas

A photo collage memorializes your entire relationship in one beautiful print. Coincidentally, the 1st anniversary gift is paper! But, any anniversary is an important celebration. From the 1st to the 10th anniversary, onto the 25th or even a 50th wedding anniversary, our anniversary photo collage will be the best, truly personal gift you could give to your partner.

Parent anniversary gifts are notoriously difficult to find. This year, make them the most special, thoughtful, heart-warming gift imaginable...a blended collage. It’s a guaranteed winner and a gift they’ll cherish forever. No other present is as personal, unique or original and their reaction will make it equally as rewarding for you. We promise.

Learn more about anniversary gifts and collages:

Photo Collages created for Birthday Gifts

Unique birthday present ideas for family or friends

Searching for that special milestone birthday gift? If you’re looking to get them a present that is meaningful, thoughtful, touching and personal, then it’s the custom photo collage you’re after. Each birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Honor them with a unique tribute as they reach their 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 75th, 80th, 90th and even 100th trip ’round the sun.

If you plan to celebrate the occasion with friends or family, consider displaying the collage print at the birthday party. We often prepare our collages for use as sign-in boards. By mounting the print with extra space around it, your guests can sign or write messages to commemorate the special occasion. This makes the photo collage a lasting and loving gift that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Want another idea? Take photos at the party and send them in and we’ll create another collage. This time, we’ll print copies so that everyone has one of their own... just an idea! ;)

Order the most original & special birthday gift ever:

Photo Collage for 60th Birthday Gift
60th Birthday Gift for Mom

24"x28" blended collage using 40 photographs

Team, Co-Workers, Organizations & Corporate Photo Collages

Memorialize the accomplishments of teammates, colleagues or co-workers

Immortalize a team of individuals by creating a group photo collage that commemorates their achievement or service. A collage is a great idea for company outing, event or party. Gather all of the photos and we’ll create a gorgeous work of art, a beautiful print. Often we create a larger, full-size version and also print smaller resizes for each member to keep for themselves.

Whether they are given as gifts for any sport team (adult or little league), or sold for an organization’s charity event, they are one-of-a-kind items that always get attention. Keep the event fresh in your minds by hanging the collage print at the office, clubhouse or conference room.

Never forget fellow group members with a collage:

Photo Collage for Sports Team
Little League Sports Photo Collage

Custom 24"x18" blended collage using 27 photographs with “Go...Fight...Win!”. All teammates received their own print.

Poster collage prints created from wedding day photographs

Gift idea for newlyweds using wedding photos

We can create a photo collage from your big day or for your wedding day, to have on display! Many couples use this as a sign-in board for their guests to autograph. Using your digital files and photographs, we combine and arrange memories of your special day into a beautiful collage portraying your history together.

But, if you’d like to use the photos taken by your photographer, we can create a post-wedding collage like the one on the right. Why ‘hide’ your favorite wedding shots in an album?!? Display those wedding pictures together in a blended collage; a stunning print that can be framed, hung and cherished.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, impactful, personalized gift to wow the bride and groom, then this is it! We can create the wedding photo collage using images from their romance and courtship or give them a gift certificate for later use. That way, the newlyweds are able to use their favorite wedding & honeymoon pics.

Creative way to showcase wedding photos...

Who looks at photo albums anymore anyway? :)
Wedding Day Newlyweds Photo Collage Gift
Wedding Present for Newlywed Couple

18"x18" blended collage using 22 wedding day photographs personalized with newly married couple’s last name.

Personalized ‚ÄéMemorial Gifts for Remembrance & Sympathy for Loss

Condolence gift ideas to bring comfort and to those who are grieving

Finding a thoughtful sympathy gift for someone who is dealing with the loss of a loved one is not easily accomplished. With this in mind, we feel blessed to be able to create a comforting memorial gift that can touch so many grieving families to find. Our memorial custom collages help to express your condolences and are skillfully designed to be truly meaningful keepsakes. Sympathy, bereavement and mourning can be lessened with a thoughtful memorial gift with the hope of bringing comfort and remembrance.

A beautiful photo collage to hang on your wall eases the pain in your time of sorrow. Our collages are tributes for beloved pet owners or can be a unique sympathy gift for someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, parent or best friend. Memorial keepsake collages keep the memory of loved ones alive forever in your heart and mind.

Our photo memorial collages are made using your precious photos, customized to your desires and personalized with any message. It is sometimes possible to create the collage in 24-48 hours to be displayed at a wake or funeral service. Our designers take great pride and solace in crafting your photo collage and will work closely with you to bring your ideas to fruition.

Unique, meaningful personalized sympathy gifts:

Sympathy Memorial Gift Idea
Mother Memorial Keepsake Collage

Remembrance memorial 18"x18" blended collage using 25 photographs

Creative & Loving Gifts for Partner [Gift for Him or Gift for Her]

Personalized romantic gift ideas for that very special someone

A personalized, touching, romantic gift idea is not always easy to think of. Sure, you probably buy an expensive generic gift (i.e. flowers, jewelry, sweets), but they lack originality. Get her/him the gift that can never be forgotten! The photo collage is a heartfelt, romantic, caring gift for any couple. Quite simply, your loved one will absolutely love it and appreciate the gesture.

The photo collage is a personal gift idea for an adoring husband, loving wife, happy couple or even a BFF to treasured forever. Each photo collage is customized to any size, with any message and, of course, uses your photographs. These thoughtful gifts can depict your favorite memories and love for each other throughout the years. We also create collages from your vacation photos, newborn baby photos or a photo mosaic of your loved one.

Thoughtful gift ideas for husbands, wives or partners:

Gift Ideas for Couples
Gift Idea for Her - Couples Photo Collage

Bring back the memories and the romance with a creative custom blended collage. This one is 20"x16" using 28 photos

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For convenience and inspiration, we have organized our past collage orders into various categories. Hopefully, these can help you visualize the outcome of your collage. Currently, our most popular occasions are: Anniversary Photo Collages, Birthday Photo Collages, Vacation Photo Collages, Wedding Day Photo Collage, Baby Photo Collages, Pet Photo Collages, (BFF) Best Friend Gift Idea, Family Photographs, Organizations, Groups Teams, Corporate Photo Collages, Memorial Gift Ideas, Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, Gifts for Father’s Day, Christmas Gift Collages, Valentine’s Day Gift (coming soon) and, lastly, the Sign-In Board (although, any collage can be made into an event welcome board).

Our artists will work with you to create the perfect gift for any budget. For tips to begin your order and answers to some of our most commonly asked questions, view our FAQ page.

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.