Family photo collage styles

Creative ideas with family pictures to make photo collage poster prints

Customized picture collages & photo mosaics of family photographs.
Creative Family Portrait Idea
Creative sketch rendering using two digital images of family - 24"x20" artist effect canvas print

If you’re looking for a creative way to showcase your favorite family photos, consider our blended photo collage. Put your family photos where you can easily view them every day and share them with friends by hanging the collage on your wall. We create gorgeous, engaging photo collages using your family photos, pics, photographs and digital files.

Our collages make fantastic, personalized gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, best friends or collect your photos from a vacation or for an upcoming family reunion.

You don’t need a special occasion to create your photo collage. Have one made any time of the year. Use old family photographs and combine them with new, current photos and make a genealogy gift for the entire family. Each member of the family can have their own print as well.

A photo collage is a great idea for that unique, personal, thoughtful and loving gift everyone is looking for. The most common reaction when looking at a collage of familiar faces is joy and a heatwarming sense of happiness.

Whether you have old photographs or digital files, our expert graphic artists will work with you to create a personalized keepsake within your budget. They can be created at any size or shape making them the perfect gift idea for any family. For answers to our most commonly asked questions check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Creative Ideas for a Big Family Reunion

Using old family pictures, we make photo collages to memorialize such special occasions. With 70 photographs included, it is 30"x26".

Unique & Creative Way to Display Family Photos

We create beautiful art for hanging in your home using your own family photographs and digital files. This 24"x18" blended photo collage is comprised of 35 pics of the family.

Family Portraits, Pictures and Images crafted into Collage

Customized print created from your family albums and pictures. A custom and unique anniversary gift idea made for the whole family, this classic style 36"x30" bordered photo collage poster print contains 72 photos.

Customized Family Photo Collage Idea

Personalized 20"x16" blended photo collage of the family using 23 pictures.

Unique Ideas to Display Family Event Images

If you’re searching for an idea using vaca photos consider a blended photo collage to display in a frame. Those beautiful pics of your latest trip with your family, can turn into a 14"x11" with 12 images collage.

Annual Family Photographic Design Creation

“Family Highlights” blended photo collage made using 19 family digital images measuring 19"x15".

Custom Photography Ideas for Family Reunions

“Memories” blended photo collage contains 62 family photos taken at annual reunions over 10 years and was crafted to a custom size of 43"x18".

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Idea for cute family pics...
Custom Photo Collage Poster Prints

Why make a baby book or scrapbook that is put away when you can view and appreciate those precious baby pics everyday? Enjoy your child’s photos instead of ‘saving’ them! Our blended photo collages are personalized and customized for any space. The best is a beautiful print worthy of framing, admiring and hanging on your walls.

These custom collages of twin baby sisters use only four photographs each and are personalized with their names.

Photographic Ideas for Twin Babies

Creative family & baby pictures

16"x20" blended collageusing four newborn & baby pics & custom text

Pictures of Baby Sisters

Gift ideas using baby photos

16"x20" blended collage using four newborn & baby photos & text

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.