The Order Process

Ordering a collage or mosaic is easy and we’re here to help every step of the way. Most clients agree that the only challenge is deciding on which photos to leave out. Since all of us have created collages for our own families, we understand the process in and out. Once started, it’s a breeze. Get a pricing estimate and after sending your pictures, you can relax. You’re project is in expert hands and it will be well worth it in the end, we promise.

If you’ve contacted us already, go ahead and upload your photos. If not, complete this form which incompasses all you (and we) will need to begin work on your collage.

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Photo Selection Tips

Once you know which design you’d like, we can determine the number of photos to use. For maximum resolution and quality, use these guidelines.


  1. Unless specified, most photos in the collage will be adjusted to be similar in size (except the center pic) even if your supplied pictures vary greatly
  2. Size does not matter! Large photographs can be reduced. Small, wallet-size photos can be enlarged
  3. But, bigger is better. Larger photos contain more detail
  4. Select sharp, crisp, clear photos over blurry & out-of-focus
  5. Do not shy away from sending faded color, time-stained (browned B/W), worn out photos. Faded photos are easily color-corrected and a joy to see (again)
  6. Minor scratches can be repaired, usually for no charge

Once you have the best photos chosen, we determine the size (overall dimensions). For blended and border collages we’ve come up with recommended sizes determined from the quanitity of supplied photos.

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We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.