Baby & Newborn Collages

Fresh ideas using baby photos and newborn photography images

Photo collages are a creative way to easily enjoy your favorite baby photos.
Baby Photo Collage
Creative ideas for baby pictures - 24"x18" blended digital collage contains 35 photos, documents, certificates and text

Do you have too many photos of your cute baby and don’t know what to do with them all? We have the answer! We create beautiful baby photo collages using your digital photos and photographs. These make wonderful, loving gifts for Mom and Dad, Grandparents Godparents, Aunts, Uncles, new parents and friends.

Collages, pop art prints, canvas photography and photo mosaics make for meaningful, thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day, a truly special gift idea for dad on Father’s Day or really perfect for any occasion.

You don’t need a special occasion to create the photo collage. Have one made any time of the year. Use old baby photographs of yourself, your parents or spouse and combine them with new, current photos of your baby or child and see a wonderful family collage of baby pics! And it’s easy for everyone to share in the joy and memories because for only $10/sq ft (i.e. a 24"x18" print would be $30), each member of the family can have their own print as well.

Below you can view some of our favorite, creative baby photo collage ideas and samples. See our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to answer some commonly asked questions; how many photos to use vs. collage size, etc.

Custom Photo Collage using Baby and Daddy Photos

Unique and creative Father’s Day Gift Idea - Dad with Baby blended picture collage. 24"x18" using 28 photos and poem.

Personalized Ideas for Child’s Birthday

Using your baby’s digital images and photographs, we create gorgeous photo collages like this special occasion 2nd birthday. “Happy Birthday Matthew” 26"x26" with 52 pictures.

Photo Gift Idea for Newborn & Baby Parents

Make a work of art to hang in the child’s room using images from a baby photoshoot. The baby’s name and seven photography images made into an 11"x14" blended collage gift.

Photographic Idea for Newborns

A new family is born! Combining these nine digital newborn photos, we create customized photo collages to hang, frame and decorate your baby’s room with. 8"x10" converted to black & white for a classic and timeless effect.

Daddy Holding Son Father’s Day Gift Idea

Get your husband a unique, meaningful gift this Father’s Day. Using your digital photos and photographs, we’ll make him a blended photo collage to document your family’s love and affection. 24"x20" and uses 38 images.

Photo Mosaic Print using Baby Photos

Using tiny thumbnail photos of your child, we can create a large photo mosaic print to hang anywhere in your house. This photo mosaic contains 50 images and was printed at 24"x18". Since we can repeat the pattern, they can any size as long as the main image is large enough.

1st Birthday Baby-Book/Scrapbook Photo Collage

Instead of making a scrapbook that gets put away, we’ll create a beautiful blended collage combining digital files, certificates, memorabelia, documents and custom text (or baby’s name) that gets seen daily! This one is 24"x18" using 35 photos/items.

Creative Idea using Children’s Baby Photos

If you’re searching for ideas to display your children’s photos and adorable baby pics, then the blended photo collage is for you! Measuring 16"x20" with 18 photographs, this priceless keepsake can be hung anywhere in your home and given as a gift to the grandparents!

Holiday Collage from Children’s & Baby Photos

Custom collages made from Christmas photos of the children and used as customized Holiday Cards. This blended collage uses 20 images is 20"x16" with 23 xmas pics and was resized to 6"x4" to send out to friends during the Holiday Season.

Creative & Colorful Wall Print using Baby Photo

With one favorite, cute photo of your child we can create something truly unique... pop-art prints. These Warhol-esque designs will make your baby girl a star. Great ideas for spouse’s birthday and are loved by parents. [One photo, 24"x24"]

Appreciate your photos...
Photo Collage Framable Prints

Why make a baby book or scrapbook that is put away when you can view and appreciate those precious baby pics everyday? Enjoy your child’s photos instead of ‘saving’ them! Our blended photo collages are personalized and customized for any space. The best is a beautiful print worthy of framing, admiring and hanging on your walls.

These custom collages of twin baby sisters use only four photographs each and are personalized with their names.

Photographic Ideas for Twin Babies

Idea for your cute baby photos

16"x20" blended collage with 4 photos & text

Pictures of baby sisters

Gift idea using baby photos

16"x20" blended collage with 4 photos & text

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.