Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

We realize that sending your personal photos and sharing intimate events with strangers can be un-nerving. We get many of the same concerns asked repeatedly by our first time clients. Below you’ll find answers to our frequently asked questions. Please read them and if you still have any questions feel free to contact us.

A digital collage (from Professional Digital Collages) is a process by which photos are scanned and cleverly blended together rather than “cutout” and arranged.

Digital collages are more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye because the images are very carefully blended into one another without harsh edges that come from cutting out subjects or edges of photos. The digital collage will also be printed on a single sheet of photo-based material; therefore eliminating all the layers of tape, glue and photos that detract from the overall presentation. The resulting image is clean, clear and absolutely amazing!

We print using UV resistant inks that HELP protect your work from fading. But, these should never be in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time because fading (as with any artwork) can occur. UV coated lamination is now avaiiable to help prevent fading even more.

  1. You take pride in your photographs that you’ve taken over the years and you’d like to display them. Photos in an album remain there for years without a single glance. How often do you look through your photo album? Not much. Our idea...combine your favorite shots in one gorgeous, stunning wall print for a unique home decor art piece that is easily displayed.

  2. It’s a GREAT conversation piece!

  3. They are lifelong keepsakes that bring back warm, delightful memories every time you see it. We repetitively hear from our customers that weeks after they received their collage that they keep seeing new photos in it they did not see before!

  4. For the great value...
    Meaningless picture/art purchased in a mall: $300+
    Price per hour professional graphic designers charge: $75+
    Average manhours creating a collage: 6-10 hours
    Average price of collage: $200
    A lifetime of memories: Priceless

  5. They are make fantastic gifts for virtually any occasion! Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries (remember the 1st is paper), Milestone Birthdays (30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and so on), Valentine’s Day, Vacations, Christmas, a Best Friend, Retirements, anything! You don’t even need a special occasion, they can be given just because you care.

  6. Because they are so beautiful!

Normal turnaround time for a photo collage is about 7-10 business days from the time the photos arrive and deposit is made. You will receive a proof via email as soon as we have it ready. If a rush is needed, we can try to accommodate... just ask!

No, you will not... You’ll absolutely love it! We can assure this because before we print anything, a proof will be sent via e-mail (jpg, gif, pdf) to you. Upon approval, we'll print and ship it to you. When you receive your collage and are about to view it for the first time, be sure to have a box of tissues nearby...most people tend to cry out of happiness and the loving memories brought back to life. Whats more, you can stare at it for hours and completely overlook some of the photos!

To a certain degree yes. When you order a photo collage, we offer complimentary photo restoration to your supplied photographs. All photos are professionally color corrected (meaning if they are faded or worn out, the color will be restored to its original coloring) and digitally restored to repair lightly damaged photographs.

Additionally, our expert graphic artists routinely perform “photo surgery” to remove blemishes, open eyes, fix red-eye, add color/texture or even remove unwanted objects or people. There can be extra charges for these services only if there is an exceedingly large amount of correction(s) needed. We will let you know before we begin.

Keep this in mind when selecting photos for your collage: The better the original, the better for the final. Meaning if the photograph is sharp and crisp, then it will turn out that way in the final collage. Blurry photos are tough to work with as well as photos with the main subjects’ head cut off. Faded photos are fine and will easily be corrected to appear newly photographed.

Larger photos contain more detail, therefore, will produce a nicer final output. All photos are resized, so just because you send an 8x10, it does not mean it has to be that large in the collage. If you are scanning your photos scan them at 600 resolution or higher.Make the file type a .jpg instead of a PDF if at all possible.

Don’t be afraid to include certificates, awards, wedding invitations, letters or anything else that can be scanned. Digital photos are fine too, as long as the resolution is large enough. If your digital camera or cell phone is higher than 4 MP (4 Megapixels), than your photos are more than likely adequate.

Our graphic artists have at least 15 years experience with layout, design and photo manipulation. Professional photo collaging requires all of those skills. We meticulously arrange your supplied images with respect to color, balance and lighting.

Even with all of our expertise, your thoughts or ideas are always welcome. You may instruct our designers to follow a certain layout or showcase certain photos.

However, there are limitations. Difficulty often arises when we are asked to arrange all images in a precise order. Designing our blended collages is akin to putting together a puzzle. Arranging the photos in this fashion leaves little room to account for sizing and each photo’s proportions.

You’ll notice a vast majority of our collages have a large photo in the center. We strongly suggest adhering to this practice which provides a focal point for your vision to center on, especially from across a room. Without it, the collage often appears cluttered or merely a mesh of color.

Sign-in Board for a Sweet 16 Party Actually, quite easily! By simply mounting your collage or photo mosaic to a white board (sintra or foamcore usually) that is 3" - 6" larger than the outside dimensions of your print (see a Sweet 16 sign-in board example on the right). As your friends and family admire the custom sign-in board the additional area around the collage allows them to sign, congratulate or comment.

Since we offer professional mounting services, your collage/mosaic can be shipped to arrive on your doorstep pre-mounted and ready for your event. At the party, place the sign-in board on an easel. And afterwards, put the sign-in board in a frame (under glass if you wish), hang and enjoy for years to come.

As your friends and family enjoy viewing your custom sign-in board, they’ll be able to sign or jot down their messages. This 50th birthday blended photo collage was created at 23" x 17" to fit in a frame 29" x 23" that included the border.

The unique aspect of a digital photo collage is that we DO NOT destroy, damage or harm your precious photographs. By scanning the original photos, certificates and documents on our state-of-the-art flatbed scanners, we are able to carefully scan and return them to you unharmed. We realize that your supplied photograhps and personal artifacts are invaluable, delicate items. If you are going to scan them yourself scan them at a 600 resolution or higher. Do not crop photos we will take care of that. We know what we are doing.

So when your photos are returned, you’re able to place them back where they came that old, ancient photo album, in the dark corner of your closet where no one ever saw them! ;)

It depends on the resolution. Since we print at 150-200 dpi, we require your online pics to be at least 6" to print well. For comparison, the images you view on Facebook or on your monitor are 72 dpi @ 100%. Which roughly means those images will print at only 1/3 the size.

If you need assistance or are unsure if your images are sufficient, send us 1 or 2 of them and we will promptly respond, letting you know thier resolution. Include, if possible, the overall dimensions (roughly) of the collage you’d like us to create along with approximately how many photos you are planning to use.

That is entirely up to you. We can make them up to 6 feet wide. They can be horizontal, vertical, square or even circular! Although, framing a circular collage may be difficult :-).

When choosing a size for your collage we can try to suggest a size that won’t leave your collage looking “cramped” or “crowded.”

Below is a rough idea for your number of photos vs overall size using common U.S. frame dimensions. However, if a majority of your photos contain large groups of people (4 or more people in them), you probably want to go to a larger size or use fewer pics.

  • 10 photos - 9" x 12"
  • 12 photos - 11" x 14"
  • 17 photos - 12" x 18"
  • 22 photos - 16" x 20"
  • 35 photos - 18" x 24"
  • 40 photos - 20" x 24"
  • 50 photos - 24" x 28"
  • 60 photos - 28" x 32"
  • 75 photos - 30" x 36"
  • 80 photos - 32" x 38"

The following is a list of U.S. standard frame sizes for reference:
8" x 10" | 8" x 12"| 8-1/2" x 11" | 9" x 12" | 10" x 13" | 11" x 14" | 12" x 16" | 14" x 18" | 16" x 20" | 20" x 24" | 22" x 28" | 24" x 30" | 24" x 36" | 30" x 40"

We do not offer framing services at this time. The expense of shipping the collage with a frame is very expensive. If the frame breaks in transit it could also damage the print. It's best to find a frame online or locally.

All items are printed on premium, high-resolution, photo matte material, which is similar to the thickness of a high quality poster. As an additional convenience, we offer mounting and laminatation.

Our mounting services include adhering your print to a stiff material, usually 1/8" sintra board or 1/4" foamcore, this means the print will stand up by itself for displaying at a party and then can fit into a frame at a later point in time. For an instant sign-in board, we simply mount to a larger board and center it.

When framing is not an option, lamination can be a simple and cost effective method of protection for your print. Lamination helps to prevent: sun damage, fading, dirt, fingerprints, moisture and other contaminants. But, if the collage will be framed under glass, lamination is not necessary.

Check out the pricing page for detailed costs of shipping and our finishing services..

Send your photos (preferably in a 8x10 or 9x12 envelope) and protect your photos by inserting a hard cardboard-like structure inside. This will protect them from bending while in transit. Attach instructions on “stickies” or write a note informing us of any special cropping, removing of people/blemishes and your choice for the center photo.

Include all of your contact information so that our artists can contact you with any questions or concerns. We need your NAME, SHIPPING ADDRESS, E-MAIL ADDRESS, PHONE #’s and SIZE OF COLLAGE (specify horizontal or vertical format).

468 Garrafon Bay Street
Las Vegas, NV 89138

If you’re paying by check or money order (made to ProCollage), you may include it with your photos. Go to our pricing page to get an estimate. Write your check/money order for roughly half as a deposit. That will ensure that we are able to begin as soon as we receive your package. For Paypal payments, let us know your intention and we can email you a deposit invoice or for quicker results, go ahead and make the deposit now (open next question below).

If you plan on sending digital photos or files, you can use our online file uploader.

We only accept US currency i.e. money orders, Paypal (for credit card processesing), cashier’s checks and personal checks (work commences upon clearing). If paying via check or money order (payable to ProCollage), include it in package with your photographs. For payment via credit cards, we will invoice you with Paypal as soon as we receive your order.

Work on your collage will begin once a (roughly) 50% deposit payment has been made. Get an estimate using our online estimation calculator. Proofs of your project are sent via e-mail once it's completed. Upon your approval and the remaining balance being paid, the collage is printed and shipped via UPS or FedEx. All supplied photographs are returned immediately following completion of your order (or sooner if required).

For those unfamiliar with Paypal, they are a secure online credit card merchant. It’s very quick and easy. No lengthy “sign-ups” and it is free for you to send do not pay any fees on your end. You are simply using your email address to send money to ours. Paypal can also connect with your bank account to send an echeck.

Collage Style
Size (w" x h") or "TBD"

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.