Professional Collages Sitemap

Custom pop art prints on canvas made as colorful wall artwork.

Personalized photo gifts created for kids, birthday, pets or a romantic anniversary idea.

pop-art print for dadGive loved ones a truly special, affordable, creative, thoughtful gift made from your own pictures and photographs for any occasion or event. Always to have and adore, they are unique photo collages of memories!

Unique Photographic Gift Idea for Newlyweds

A photo mosaic can be created using digital pictures taken at the wedding party and honeymoon to make this poster print of the newlywed couple. This humorous, creative photo mosaic montage has 55 mini pics and measures 16"x20".

Photo Mosaic Print using Baby Photos

Using tiny thumbnail photos of your newborn, baby or child, we can create a large photo mosaic print to hang anywhere in your house. This photo mosaic contains 50 images and was printed at 24"x18". Since we can repeat the pattern, they can any size as long as the main image is large enough.

Creative Photographic Gift for Him from Old Pictures & Digital Photos

This print is 18"x24" and tiles together over 100 photographs and digital files to expose a portrait of the family’s father dressed in his military uniform. This photo mosaic made a meaningful gift for their dad on Father’s Day given by his wife and daughters

Digital Photography Images Made into Collage

Canvas poster print created for a photographer’s memorial showcasing his collection of nature images. 36"x30" blended collage with 60 pics.

Mini Pictures of Pet Dog Creating a Beautiful Poster

Pet owners love pictures of their dog, cat, etc. Photo mosaic posters of their pet are a creative way to display them. 18"x24" made using 35 different digital pics. Randomized to avoid noticeable patterns.

Memorable Gift Ideas for Co-workers or Retirement

Give your boss a meaningful, personalized gift they’ll cherish and remember. Custom poster prints to hang in their office. 18"x24" containing 125 images.

Special Photographic Gift Idea for Husband Anniversary

18"x24" containing 75 digital images.

Unique, Personalized Photography Gift to Decorate Walls

“Sisters United Pop Art Print” - Gift created showing support for sister going thru chemo for cancer. Canvas picture print 52"x40" poster made using four photographs.

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.