Group Pictures Collages

Group photo collage made using employees & team members.

Photo collages or mosaics are the perfect idea for companies or group events.
Ideas using Team Photos

Picture collages are unique and a creative way to commemorate your teammates, colleagues or co-workers' accomplishment or service to the company. To immortalize and remember your group, make a photo collage for your business, event, organization or team. Did your team win the championship? Did your company have a corporate event or outing? Is a colleague retiring? Gather photographs or digital photos and files and let us take care of the rest.

Need a ‘good reason’ to sell the collage idea? Some classic events that we often create collages for include... corporate Christmas/Holiday party, Holiday celebration, award ceremonies, company-sponsored event, outdoor annual picnic or outing, a charity or fundraising event, co-worker retirements, field trips, special thank you gift for teachers, school sport programs or community sportying leagues, poker tournaments, a golf tournament, church events, dedicated participation from a coach or excelling member of the group and the list never ends! The best part? Every member can have their own print or copy made.

We can work with pictures, instant photos, digital files, personal documents and cell phone pics. Since every collage is unique, we work with you to craft a piece of art that captures the audience you are creating it for. Our graphic designers are skillfully trained to create a product to your specifications and within your budget. All work produced is one photo at a time. That means that every project is personalized and completely customizable.

Thank You Gift Ideas for Teachers, Professors & Co-workers

“Thank You” 11"x14" gift photo collage using 14 pictures - token of appreciation idea to thank an instructor, leader, organizer or manager from group of students or members.

Creative Photographic Ideas for Casts, Crew Members

“Legally Blonde, The Musical” 12"x9" blended photo collage using five photos of the cast and logo - These personalized gift ideas for friends are perfect for groups of entertainers, actors and musicians.

Creative Idea using Classmate Pictures for Yearbook or Graduating Class

Create a keepsake poster collage using photos of each child in the class. This 16"x20" blended photo collage was given to all 14 students and listed each child’s name underneath the print.

Photo Collages Made for Church Group or Organizations

Using images of members in your organization, we create large poster prints to hang for display. Our collages are made by scanning photographs or using digital files. The congregation in Georgia had this 24"x28" photo collage created for a gift to their pastor.

Photo Ideas for Company, Business or Organization

Using small digital images of members in your group, we make poster-size photo mosaic prints of larger graphics, such as a logo. This photo mosaic is 24"x20" and contains 50 individual photos of their members.

Company Products Photo Collage Poster

24"x36" blended photo collage using 66 digital files of their inventory. Use your company’s products to create a photo collage print and show off your items to potential customers in a unique, original way.

Company Retirement Picture Ideas

With 33 company photographs spanning the entire career of a special employee, we crafted a 20"x16" blended photo collage. Given to him at a retirement benefit event, he was extremely surprised and emotional. Photo collages are remarkable personalized ideas for retirements.

Special Idea for Sports Team Members

What do you do when one of your own is leaving? A trusting, special teammate, player and friend. Create a collage for team members to remember and enjoy forever. Golf 20"x24" classic photo collage using 24 pictures of his teams and friends.
Employee Pictures Ideas

Company Event - Anniversary Party
[16"x20" blended photo collage using 24 photos & logo]

Gift idea for a business owner

Gift Idea for Boss or Business Owner
[20"x24" custom photo collage using 39 images, custom message & company logo]

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.