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Photo Collage

Photo collages are creative gift ideas for:
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Clean, classic and captivating


Photo Collage

We make classic/block collages as:
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Digital images made into custom


Photo Montage

Photo mosaics are unique gift ideas for:
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Personalized ideas for loved ones


‘Photohol’ Prints

Photographic wall murals created for:
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Unique photo ideas for events


Welcome Boards

Custom sign-in boards personalized for:
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Personalized, creative and unforgettable


Made into Artwork

Extraordinary realistic art made for:
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We make custom picture collage prints so you can hang up your family photos & digital pics

Personalized photo collages are a meaningful gift idea that lasts forever

Professional Photo Collages | ProCollage® creates stunning, original unique picture collages for any occasion. We are able to make your collage using paper pictures, digital images, digital photographs, invitations or documents. Each picture collage is crafted specifically for each client as an absolute original and fully customizable masterpiece. Our process (from arrangement to reparations) is that of meticulous craftsmanship, built up image by image, with careful considerations for the balance of color, subjects/backgrounds, sizing and any additionally notated importance or prominence. No work created herein is “generated” by any automated programs. Our hand-crafted techniques assure our photo collages and mosaics are beautiful, engaging and so personalized that they can be regarded as a family heirloom to be passed down much like a treasured family memento. In that respect, each picture collage and photo mosaic print is an original, a truly awesome photo gift idea that can be given to anyone, anytime or made for yourself!

For the most part, the prices for our work are based upon the overall dimensions and total number of images. Since we pride ourselves on customization, there are no ‘set sizes’. Collages can be made to any size for adequate arrangement upon hanging on a wall, as well as using any number of pictures, therefore, should you need to adhere to a specific budget, those two factors are most important for your consideration.

Additionally, each submitted photograph is color-corrected, repaired and restored FREE OF CHARGE to appear as if taken yesterday. With major color degradation or damage, we may require additional charges but it is not common or done without permission. The ordering process is easy and safe. Simply upload digital images (no personally identifying information is sent to us when uploading) or mail us the photographs for scanning (please, no copies). Upon completion of the collage, we send a proof via email. With your approval, the final collage is printed full-size and shipped out along with your pictures, returned to you unharmed.

Place your order in 4 simple steps

choose style

Currently five distinct design style ideas

Most popular item is our original and signature blended collage stylized technique. Not sure which to order? There may be predetermined factors or a certain desired outcome that can help you decide.

configure specs

Need more info? Get answers on our FAQ page. If you are still unclear about sizing or image count, contact a customer service specialist.

If unsure about any questions on the form, no worry. The more info we can gather initially, the better we can assist you.

FYI: the project form is not a commitment to order or purchase. It simply notifies our customer service team of your interest.
send photos

The hardest step (for some). Decide which pictures and memories go in the collage. We accept all photographs, documents, regardless of condition, size or shape. And yes, they are returned to you unharmed.

We accept pictures from digital cameras and smartphones over 6MB. It all comes down to resolution. For maximum simplicity, our online file uploader allows you to send all images together, at once.

initialize order

With receipt of your photos and project initialization form, we’re set to begin. We'll review your instructions, notify you of any possible problems and request initial deposit. We accept checks, cash, money orders and credit cards via Paypal® (a secure, fast and free online credit card merchant).

Proofs are sent via email, usually within 7-10 days. 24 hour turnaround is often available.

Photo Collages by the Pros

ProCollage® has been making image collages and photo mosaic prints since 2001 and has recently surpassed 2,200 custom crafted collages! From our original concept, the blended collage to classic block (collage with borders), to stunning photo mosaics as well as realistic artistic effects and monogram designs that use less than three images found on the specialty images made into artwork page as well as prints on canvas. Also view pop-art prints for selfie pics made into Warhol inspired art.

With our outstanding reputation and unmatched quality, it is understandable as to why we are consistently being imitated in the digital collaging field. But, our professionally trained graphic artists meticulously design 100% customized works of art from any supplied pics or files. And the resulting final output will showcase the vast difference. The detail, the sharpness or clarity, the layout and balance and even the print itself from the paper to the inks used would convince anyone to be confident in their decision to purchase with ProCollage®. Here are some other reasons...

Trust Guaranteed Satisfaction

Have you heard?

We receive such overwhelmingly positive and joyous feedback from our clients. Going back some 12+ years, we took a sampling to try to portray just how emotional and personal receiving a photo collage as a gift is for loved ones.

I will treasure my collage forever!

I am truly so pleased with the outcome of my huge fantastic, collage. You and your team have created a wonderful piece of work for my family and I to enjoy... forever. We are certainly OK with you featuring our collage on your website. I am most thrilled with my new piece of artwork and will treasure it forever!

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We’re always here

Got a question or a comment? Ask it here or call (702) 426-1212 from 9am-7pm PST. For a new project, use our online order form.

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Under NO circumstances will ProCollage® furnish or distribute personally identifying information to outside organizations or entities without a user’s consent.

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.