Anniversary Photo Collages

Custom anniversary photo collages and mosaics made from your images

Unique, romantic and personalized anniversary gift ideas made to order.

Parents Anniversary GiftsAt long last, the stress to find a thoughtful anniversary gift idea for loved ones is over. A unique photo collage created from your own pictures is a sure bet to be that perfect romantic present that will be enjoyed for years to come. Imagine the overwhelming joyful and emotional surprise when your parents, husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend first see this creative, colorful poster print! Initial reactions from the instantaneous reliving of all those wonderful memories is truly remarkable.

We have several anniversary gift collage ideas including photo mosaics, custom framed poster samples, colorful artistic prints - a wide variety of gift ideas to celebrate/commemorate any milestone: 25th anniversary, 40th anniversary, 50th anniversary or more (bottom of page features a 60th).

Fun fact: Did you know that the “traditional 1st anniversary gift” material is paper? Therefor, the photo collage is truly the best gift idea for newlyweds!

Still searching for that “perfect anniversary gift”? One that is caring, thoughtful, special, original AND romantic? Show your appreciation, passion, love and devotion for an adoring partner without saying a word. Celebrate your time together with an anniversary present for him or her that is exceptionally thoughtful and personal...a custom photo collage depicting those favorite moments and memories shared together. Collages make great gifts for a devoted husband or loving wife or meaningful partner for any type of relationship. Guaranteed priceless reactions from parents for anniversary party, Mom & Dad, your wife or husband, when they first see all of those most memorable, unforgettable (maybe some forgettable) memories placed together to be hung in your home. Picture collages are loving gifts for family and close friends to cherish and admire forever.

Also, anniversaries do not necessarily have to be for weddings exclusively. Since an anniversary is merely the celebration of a passing of marked time, we create unique anniversary gifts for celebrating a 5th year anniversary for a brother who started his own business, for example.

Romantic & Creative Photographic 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A blended collage made using your own pictures is special, unique, romantic and original. “50 Golden Years”. 20"x16" with 20 images.

“The Kiss” Anniversary Photo Mosaic using Wedding Pictures

Customized anniversary collages made from wedding day photographs crafted into a gorgeous photo mosaic montage. 24"x20" with 60 digital files and photos.

Perfect Gift for Parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

Creating a special keepsake with old pictures are a truly heartfelt idea that can showcase their wonderful years together like this blended collage poster 24"x28" with 48 photographs

Special Anniversary Gift for Parents

"All because two people fell in love" 20"x16" blended photo collage wall print containing 26 photos.

Collages Designed for 1st Anniversary Gift for Wife

Priceless romantic ideas to celebrate first anniversaries with your spouse. Send us your favorite pictures from your wedding, honeymoon, engagement or courtship. This photo collage is 20"x16" with 26 images.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Photographic Gifts

Custom and personal! Give your partner a gift they can hang on your walls in your home to cherish and adore forever. 24"x28" blended picture collage with 50 photos.

Meaningful & Thoughtful Gift Ideas for 50th Anniversaries

This beautiful blended collage print is 24"x28", uses 62 photographs and has a custom message titled “50 Golden Years” (Gouden Jaren).

Anniversary Picture Collages made from your Photographs

The children gave their parents this customized gift, a photo collage picturing their 60 years together! “60 Years of Great Memories” 36"x18" with 65 pics.

Personalized Anniversary Present for Husband “On Our 5th Anniversary”

Blended picture collages are unique gift ideas for a loving spouse that can be personalized and hung on your wall to display - 18"x12" with 20 photos.

Photographic Idea for Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Creative picture collage designs made for parents from children - 25"x10" with 56 images in sepia tone entitled “Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary”.

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Picture gift for anniversaries

Gift ideas for
Parents’ Anniversary

If your parents are approaching a milestone or their 10th anniversary, 25th wedding anniversary, 50th anniversary (or any really), you are, no doubt, searching for a gift that shows you care and your appreciation. Our blended photo collages or the classic bordered photo collage is the perfect, unique anniversary gift idea that will help your parents enjoy and celebrate their special day together. The unveiling of this personalized piece of art, is the moment to witness an overload of joy and heartfelt emotions, guaranteed! Have a box of tissues at the ready for Mom (and Dad may need one too)! Personally speaking, as the owner, this is how Professional Photo Collages began.

Every time you look at the collage, a different photo will “appear” that you will swear wasn’t there before, making it something that you never grow tired of seeing! And, that’s not all...anyone who wishes to have one can have their own copy. Additional prints are ~$10/sq. ft., meaning an 18"x24" print is only ~$30.

ProCollage® Anniversary Gift Idea for Parents‘
I can’t thank you and the staff at ProCollage enough. The collage is spectacular. I had it matted in blue with a silver frame- for their 25th “Silver” Wedding Anniversary. My parents absolutely love it, as well as everyone else who has seen it. Can’t wait to see if it gets put on the “Wall of Fame” page. Please be assured that in the future, more projects will be entrusted to ProCollage. THANK YOU!!! (view huge collage above)
Wendy H., East Palatka, FL on more client testimonials »
Think about it... Photo collages bring back forgotten memories that your parents’ shared together. Include photos of their childhood, courtship, marriage, siblings/relatives, achievements, honeymoon, etc.
Parents Anniversary Gifts

Custom gift ideas for
25th “Silver” Anniversary

The 25th wedding anniversary is always a very special milestone in the life of any couple. Considering a meaningless and predictable standard, traditional silver plated gift set? For your love's sake, please do not do it! If there was a tremendously more romantic and creative gift that was half the price (or much less), would you at least think about it? Thoughtfulness and originality are important aspects to ensure a sure-fire hit of an anniversary gift. Our idea for you, a gorgeous print arranged with your favorite memories together on a single poster print to hang on your wall.

Your custom photo collage can showcase pictures from your individual childhoods, contain some captured during the “dating years”, leading up to the wedding and honeymoon, and have some current photos. Include family members, babies and children, pets, silblings, friends, vacations or make it all about yourselves!

Furthermore, since our photo collages are 100% completely customizable, we create your collage with a loving, personalized message of your liking. Go beyond the typical, boring present, gift card or generic item and take the initative to “wow” your partner with a lifelong gift that can be admired for the next 25 years and more. If adhering to the traditional silver gift, consider framing your collage print in a silver plated frame with “Happy 25th Anniversary, My Love.” With your wedding photo as the large center/focus, how could any loved one or partner not be completely floored?!

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Photo Collage

Custom personalized ideas for
50th Wedding Anniversaries

Turn your memories, pics and photographs into a beautiful and priceless keepsake... a 50th Anniversary photo collage. The 50th wedding anniversary (Golden Anniversary) is traditionally commemorated with gold. We can theme your gift with gold standout lettering and your collage can be finished with a gold frame.

A blended photo collage is the perfect gift to celebrate this remarkable milestone in matrimony. We personalize our collages with custom text and encourage the incorporation of important documents, awards and invites, such as the marriage certificate and the wedding invitation. Their memories can be brought back to life in a beautifully arranged collage that can include the entire extended family or exclusively use portraits of their 50 years together. No other gift can rightly commemorate fifty years of marriage.

TIP: We fix old, faded photographs. All submitted photos are color-corrected and restored for free (although major retouching may be additional). Our composition adjustments make EVERY picture the best very it can be.
Anniversary Gift for Husband

Anniversary photo collages for
Loving Husbands

ProCollage creates unique and creative gift ideas from your own photographs by turning them into art for your walls. These gifts are fantastic for men, and as they say, guys are very "visual." Photo collages can be a unique and fantastic way to portray that special man’s passions, the loves in life, such as a special hobby, his family, his collections, etc.

Becoming frequently more popular gifts for fathers, husbands and boyfriends are our photo mosaics (a.k.a. magic montage). The sample on the right is an anniversary gift from a loving wife designed for the very happy couple living in Switzerland.

A custom photo mosaic or professional photo collage created from your family photographs or digital images is a unique, thoughtful anniversary gift for any adoring husband or boyfriend. No other gift can capture your lives together to make such an impact on a special anniversary.

TIP: Custom photo mosaics and collages are truly thoughtful anniversary gifts that the man in your life will cherish forever, promise.
50th Anniversary Gift for Wife

Photo gifts created for a
Special Partner or Wife

For any anniversary, a photo collage is the perfect gift. Create a personalized anniversary picture collage for that special woman or partner in your life. Your partner is sure to gush when they view your memories together in one unique display. Display the story of your bond, courtship, romance and relationship in one custom created print.

Relive your treasured memories every time you view your collage. Our artists work with you every step of the way in order to create the perfect photo collage. We’re not salesmen, a large corporation trying to "up-sell" you. We truly only want to create a lifelong representation of your love together that is within your budget and to your specs. Since every collage is custom created, they can personally speak to your wife, partner, spouse, girlfriend in only the way that you know how. Thus, making a photo collage the perfect gift for any anniversary.

TIP: See our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to answer some commonly asked questions: how many photos to use vs. collage size, etc.
ProCollage® Personalized Memorial Picture Sympathy Gift Idea
Romantic Anniversary Gift using Pictures
Picture Mosaic titled “The Kiss.”

A Unique, Personalized Anniversary Wedding Gift Idea

[24"x20" using 50 mini pics]

Photo mosaics received and I had an unveiling last night. Of course everyone was ecstatic! Off to the frame shop now. Couldn’t wait to show them off. You and your company do beautiful work!!! Thank you for making such a beautiful montage. Ever need a reference, I can clearly state you and your company are very professional and top notch!!
Melody L., Las Vegas, NV on more real customer testimonials »

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.