The Blended Collage

Each blended collage is a customized masterpiece...a displayable time-capsule

Our blended collages are personalized works of art for your most memorable occasions

Because of their beauty, originality and uniqueness, the most popular collage style is the blended picture collage. Created using your digital images and/or photographs, our process involves carefully blending together all of the submitted photos and fading the backgrounds together. They are arranged to appear as an organic, amorphous interwoven artwork poster print.

Photo collages are colorful, interesting and are engaging to view if created correctly. If it’s not made by a professional, they can look, well, kinda messy. We take great pride in creating your collage. We balance the various sizes and colors of your pictures. Not unlike a puzzle, they are arranged and fitted together with intention of leaving the important feature(s) in the foreground (like faces) and “fading away” the backgrounds... thus blending them together.

All submitted images are color-corrected and restored. The color level and composition is adjusted and balanced so each and EVERY picture in your collage is the best it can be. Minor photographic digital repairations are done for free as well. Should major work be necessary, there may be additional charges but we will let you know beforehand.

The Photo Collage Making Process

review & optimize

20 digital files submitted and 5 photographs submitted for a 20"x16" blended photo collage for a custom anniversary present for the grandparents‘ and family.

We begin with a quick review of resolution and clarity. From there, we size, crop, color-correct and color-optimize (shadows & highlights) each photo.

photo arrangement Making a Professional Photo Collage

Each photo is placed into a blank document set to your requested dimensions. If you’ve specified a center pic, we place it and size it to the proper proportion. The photos are purposely overlapping each other quite a bit to effectively blend them into one another.

Placement is vital at this step because after we begin blending, it becomes rather challenging to move the photos around.

commence collaging
Blending Photos into Collage

The blending process is where the magic happens. Without giving too much away, there’s no program that can do this properly, it’s simply artistic digital craftsmenship at it’s finest. The result? Your precious supplied photos are meticulously and seamlessly blended together.

What you’re left with is important people and features standing out while the unwanted backgrounds, strangers and unfocused areas are used to give the collage a cohesive, organic, uninterrupted blend.

Blended Photo Collage Samples

We’ve selected various blended collages built to common/standard U.S. frame sizes along with our recommendation for the number of photos for that size. View our visual comparison graphic for a better relative sizing concept.

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.