Customer Testimonials

Client commemorations & references

The following testimonials are from real customers over the past 12+ years. These notes are unedited, tremendously inspiring, sincere and very meaningful to us. It lets us know we’re doing things right. The majority are received via email, so we copy & paste exactly as submitted. FYI: we are working on making this process easier for those grateful clients to post online instead. Posting on external sites may perhaps negate any possible suspicion a newly interested customer may have.

This feedback is very much appreciated and is shown here also to, hopefully, convince you that we are who we say we are and that we firmly believe in quality craftsmanship and customer service. ProCollage® thanks our wonderful clients for the feedback and thank you for reading.

  • We LOVE it! I also noticed on your web site that we can get it on disc, so I’d like that too. Just send me the Paypal thing and print it!! I’m so excited, it’s JUST what we wanted! Thanks a million.

    We had a wonderful anniversary! This collage is absolutely wonderful. I spend a lot of time looking at it and remembering all those years. It is a great collection of pictures, pretty much says it all! I love it! You couldn’t have had a better idea.

    Jill C. Wichita, Kansas on April 12, 2010
  • THANKS! It looks WONDERFUL!!! I will definitely recommend others to ProCollage (you know they will all ask me at the party where I got it done!). I am SOOOOO happy and impressed with it! Best regards.

    Seelpa K. Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 3, 2013
  • And while I have your attention, everyone loves the collage. Even the store employees at Michael's were slowing down and stopping and admiring the work! My parents were thrilled, awed, speechless, and amazed. They absolutely love it. My siblings are also similarly pleased. Although “pleased” isn’t really a big enough word, but I’m running out of adjectives! Rest assured I will be advertising by word of mouth all I can for you! I hope your business flourishes.

    Denise S. Fiskdale, Massachusetts
  • I looked it over and I simply love it! He will be so surprised. You captured his whole life in such a beautiful way. What a great idea you have. Good luck in your business. I know I'll will be getting many questions and will definitely give them all your information on how to obtain one of their own and how wonderful you took care of me. You're just great!

    Rose D. East Meadow, New York on December 21, 2010
  • Collages received and I had an unveiling last night. Of course everyone was ecstatic! Off to the frame shop now. Couldn’t wait to show them off. You and your company do beautiful work!!! Thank you for making such a beautiful collage. Ever need a reference, I can clearly state you and your company are very professional and top notch!!

    Melody L. Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Oh My god!!! That is terrific, it brought tears to my eyes, just to see my dad in these pictures. It would be great for you to feature it on your site, I would be honored. I can not express enough how great this has come out, it is so colorful too..... Thanks again!

    Lori V. Illinois
  • OH MY G-D!! It is amazing and beautiful and I LOVE IT! I can’t believe how good it came out and that it is MINE. It is a dream! Thank You!...

    We just had [our son’s] Bar Mitzvah on Saturday and, of course, the collage was a big hit. Everyone was amazed! Thanks so much again for the awesome job! Can’t wait to do one for our other boys for their Bar Mitzvahs.

    Cheryl C. Washington, D.C. on May 31, 2006
  • WOW!!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! I had no idea. This is fabulous. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

    Barbara B. Capitol Heights, Maryland
  • I am truly so pleased with the outcome of my huge fantastic, collage. You and your team have created a wonderful piece of work for my family and I to enjoy.... forever. We are certainly OK with you featuring our collage on your website. I am most thrilled with my new piece of artwork and will treasure it forever!

    Cheryl B. Brooklyn, NY
  • Yes... it’s perfect! We love it. It breaks our heart right now, but it provides us with a lasting memory of our most cherished little Calli. She was such a special little puppy, she loved everyone; and everyone just fell in love with her too. Thank you for bringing it all together. We look forward to seeing it hanging in our home.

    Sandy N. Fort Worth, TX on January 3, 2008
  • It's great! No need to make any further changes. Yes, just one print for now but I'm going to email my brother and ask if he would like to have one… It's such a fun thing to have, I would think that lots of people would like to do it, if they only knew it could be done.

    Dee Z. Highlands Ranch, Colorado on March 20, 2012
  • I have to call you on this one... I want to cry...

    Cynthia P. Grand Rapids, MI
  • I recieved the collage today. It looks GREAT! Thank you for all your help. I believe this will be a great gift. I appreciate you working to get this to me in time for Christmas. I know I gave you very lttle time to put this together and I am really amazed at how well everything went. Your communication and the delivery could not have been better. I will definately use ProCollage again. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

    Jake F. Villa Rica, GA
  • I have to call you on this one... I want to cry...

    Cynthia P. Grand Rapids, MI
  • It is absolutely fabulous!!! I am so impressed. It brought tears to my eyes. You do incredible work.

    Deborah F. Seekonk, Mass.
  • I can’t thank you and the staff at ProCollage enough. The collage is spectacular. I had it matted in blue with a silver frame- for their 25th “Silver” Wedding Anniversary. My parents absolutely love it, as well as everyone else who has seen it. Can’t wait to see if it gets put on the “Wall of Fame” page. Please be assured that in the future, more projects will be entrusted to ProCollage. THANK YOU!!!

    Wendy H. East Palatka, FL
  • WOW!!! What can I say...I am speechless! It looks incredible. You had me in tears! My fiance can't believe the awesome outcome. I am extremely pleased. I don't have a problem having you use it on your website. You are truly a genius. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Alex A. Tucson, AZ
  • We absolutely LOVE it – my sister left me a voicemail after I forwarded the proof to her and she was sobbing so hard I could hardly understand what she was saying! I did make out that she thinks it's beautiful and she loves it – beyond that, I couldn't get …and I know my Dad will especially love it!

    Jody B. Mount Laurel, N.J.
  • We are so VERY pleased with the collage proof....You’re right... out came the tissues! We just can’t wait to see our parents’ faces when we present this to them. THANKS SO MUCH FOR MAKING IT ALL HAPPEN IN SUCH A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME!

    Jean B. Daytona Beach Shores, FL
  • The collage is just fabulous I can’t wait to see the expression on my sister’s face when we present it to her at her anniversary party. I went around on my job first to show it off and everyone thought that it was just incredible. I just wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful job. I am 100% satisfied with the work. You will definitely be hearing from me and family members again real soon. Again, thank you!

    Gloria S. Rembert, S.C.
  • I just love the collage....thank you so much for making the corrections...they came out great! I am sure my niece will love and cherish her collage forever! I will be happy to recommend your company to friends and family. I may have another collage done later in the year. You may use this one as a sample if you wish. Again, thanks for all your great work!

    Margaret A. Mount Jackson, VA
  • Amazing!!! I was blown away by what you were able to do with the quality and color of the photos my client gave me. Once again, you and your company have done an extraordinary job putting this together, and I’ll be sure to use you in the future.

    You cannot believe how much this man loves this collage of his late wife. He brings this everywhere to show people! 18x24! He gushes so much about it, that word keeps coming back to me. I told him I didn’t do all the work, but he won’t listen! So, he thinks I’m a genius, thanks to you. :-) Hopefully, he’ll send more business our way.

    Jill B. Dalton, NH
  • I love the collage. I can’t believe how nice you did it. It almost made me cry. I have been with Mike for 20 years and seeing all the pictures brought back so many memories. Thanks so much for all your work. It was great working with you.

    Cathy B. Staten Island, N.Y.
  • I’m looking at this some more and it’s just blowing me away. Wow! It really looks amazing. I couldn’t be more happier with it. Wonderful job!!!

    Jennifer S. Lake in the Hills, IL
  • The collage arrived on Wednesday and it is BEAUTIFUL! It looks fantastic! I am so happy with it and I wanted to thank you for your fine work. We will giving this to my mom for her birthday and I know she will love it.

    Fran G. San Antonio, TX
  • Just wanted to let you know that I received the collage in the mail today and it is absolutely beautiful...thank you so very much for all of your help...I really appreciate it and I also appreciate the extra not only will my brother have a keepsake of his best friend, Dakota, but I will as well...thanks!

    Kudos to you for an excellent job!

    Chris N. Ruther Glen, VA
  • She was speechless at first and then cried for an hour while staring at it.

    Eric P. Fishers, IN
  • PERFECT! There's no longer a need for overnight - quick shipping. The proof is amazing - better than I expected. Thank you so much.

    Jane H. Crestwood, KY
  • This looks awesome! The collage is going to make a perfect graduation gift!! Yes, you have my permission to use on your website as long as no personal information is included. Thanks. The collage looks great!

    Neal K. Dublin, OH
  • That is AWESOME! You are awesome! Thank you soooo much. Just send me the link so I can pay the balance.

    I wanted to thank you again for your services. My mom was in tears! She took the collage to work (veterinarian office) and they all wanted your website address. I hope and pray your business will prosper and I am a good referral person :-). Thanks again for making my mom’s birthday special. I also wanted to post a comment on your website but I didn’t see anywhere that I could rate it... if there is just tell me where as your business is a 5 star!!! You rock.

    Kimberly M. Las Vegas, NV
  • I absolutely love the proof. You have done a fantastic job!!! Please go ahead and print it. I don’t have any issues with displaying the collage on your site.

    Asha P. Beaverton, OR
  • I love love love it!!!!! I’m so happy with it, I’m crying happy tears!!!! My boyfriend is going to absolutely be surprised and impressed. Thank You So Much for having a website for those of us that are not talented enough to do this ourselves! And I would be honored for you to put my collage on your website! Yes, you have my permission. Thank You Again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

    ‹ Update › Love Love Love the Blended Collage of me and my boyfriend on some of our trips!!! It was a gift to him and he absolutely loved it, actually brought tears to his eyes and said this was the best gift he has ever received! Thank You ProCollage.........I’ll be sending you some pics soon to put another smile on our face!!

    Michelle H. Oklahoma City, OK
  • THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Yes, you can display the collage!!!! Oh, I can't wait to get it! Now, is it mounted? Should I have it mounted? Should I go buy an easel and display it like that at the party??? I am so exicted!!!!!!!!! Tell me the balance and I will send it out asap!!!! Thank you so much!

    Jennifer J. Keansburg, NJ on July 1, 2011
  • Just wanted to let you know that the collage was a big hit! We had about 110 guests that attended my parent’s 50th anniversary party. We had the picture framed and placed on an easel near the entrance to the fellowship hall. People were gathering all around it.

    Thanks for working with me on such short notice and for helping me make my mom and dad’s 50th something to remember.

    Patricia P. Greenville, NC on July 1, 2011
  • WOW is all I can manage to say! The collage is incredible! Much better than I had even imagined!! I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this. It will definitely make the lasting the impression that I was looking for. Again, I can't say thanks enough nor how impressed I am! You and your team are amazing! I'll definitely send all our friends your way!! I would love for the collage to be featured on your website. I am very proud of it and I know you all are too. You have my utmost permission for use on your site!

    Also, I would like the collage to be mounted before shipment. That way, when my wife unpacks it, it will be ready for the wall. Thanks so much again. I am truly speechless!

    Arlin L. Cusseta, GA on August 2, 2011
  • Even though its been over a month now from when we received the collage for our parents 50th anniversary, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you once again. The finished product was amazing, it couldn't have been better!! We gave it to them the night before we went on our Alaskan cruise, the timing was perfect! As they sat side by side opening the gift their faces were indescribable. Mom ohhhh and awww'd while my dad sat there speechless. After looking and looking at it my dad began to cry. It was so touching and I can't thank you enough for helping us create yet another wonderful memory.

    I will tell all about you personally and all your help as well as the quality of our collage. Thanks David & ProCollage!!

    Rhonda C. Asheville, NC on August 5, 2011
  • My mother absolutely LOVED the collage and said it was BRILLIANT! All the other family members there absolutely loved it as well! Thanks again for the wonderful job you did.

    Kristina M. New York, NY on August 7, 2011
  • This is absolutely stunning. I did not expect to be emotional, but it definitely made me cry. I sent this to my brothers and will let you know about which one (black & white or sepia) by tomorrow. You can definitely use this on your website. Thanks so much!!

    Mary W. Muskego, WI on September 25, 2011
  • Just wanted to let you know the collage was a huge hit at our wedding. Everyone marvelled over it! All of the guests loved finding themselves in the pictures. Thanks so much for your extra efforts to get it to us in time for our wedding!

    I can't wait to hang the collage on my wall and be able to enjoy it for years to come!

    Wendy S. Bradenton, FL on October 16, 2011
  • I think it is wonderful! So many great memories and loved people in it. I will treasure it always as will my children and grandchildren. What a marvelous way to display old beloved photos. You may feature it on your site as you choose. I would like to be notified when you do so I can see it. Very much looking forward to hanging the picture in my home. As you might guess, I am the little girl in several of those photos. Thanks so much.

    Sharon D. Abilene, TX on November 15, 2011
  • Thank you soooo much! You have been so good, and I appreciate it! Is there anyone I can send an email to regarding your great employee skills? I really think you did an exceptional job, with my project, and went above expectations, and you should be recognized for it. Thanks again.

    Marilyn S. Salem, MA on December 1, 2011
  • I received the collage and I must say it was better than I ever imagined the final product to be. Every time I walk past the picture it is as if my parents are with me again. I'm also happy I got a smaller size for my kids to give them as a gift. They were so close to their grandparents but they will be thrilled I give them this picture. I know people can do collages themselves but you did magic with some of the pictures I gave you. Thanks again so much. It won't be the last time I will use your services.

    Ann J. Lebanon, OH on December 13, 2011
  • Wow, I love it!!! It is sooo beautiful and means the world to I would be honored for you to feature it on your site! Thanks so much. I will recommend your site to all my friends!

    Cris D. Philadelphia, PA on December 16, 2011
  • I received the collage today and it is awesome! The clarity of the pictures, the professional arrangement, everything was perfect. I'm sure after everyone sees this at Christmas, you will receive more orders. Thank you so much for your patience and kindness in helping me with this. Merry Christmas!

    Susan A. Dry Fork, VA on December 16, 2011
  • Yes I love it!! Please mount it and get me the total. I will check my email in the am and make payment ASAP! It's just amazing. Do you offer a cd version if something were ever to happen to it? I can't wait to present it at his party and have his family n friends sign it!!! Feel free to use as a great example. Thank you so much for rushing the project. Plan on an excellent reference.

    Cristy T. Brush Prairie, WA on April 5, 2012
  • Thanks a lot for all your efforts in creating a perfect collage for a perfect occasion and shipping it to me in time. Just wanted to let you know that everyone at my party truly loved the collage. I have given out your phone number to a few people, so they may be calling. My husband was totally ecstatic. Hopefully you get a few new orders. I will always keep you in mind for any future orders.

    Mona S. Edison, NJ on May 6, 2012
  • I am speechless! This is amazing. It is perfect. I am now making final payment on paypal.

    Connie G. North Tonawanda, NY on July 17, 2012
  • Thank you so much! We absolutely love it. I have had a very pleasant experience working with your company thus far, and appreciate the professional and efficient manner in which you are handling the last minute rush. You all have been wonderful! I appreciate your efforts to rush it to me, I know that took great effort! I love the collage!!!

    Desiree R. Houston, TX on August 10, 2012
  • LOVE IT! Can you suggest any possible changes? If not, we are good to go! I really think this looks great. Really appreciate your work here and attention to detail. [8-19-12]

    Hello there - Fantastic Anniversary Party! The beautiful collage was a huge hit and enjoyed by all! It was the perfect finishing touch for the party. Thank you so very much!

    Shelley C. Huntington Beach, CA on August 28, 2012
  • It's FABULOUS!!!!!! FAN-F%^&ingTASTIC. I am going to recommend you to some other people! That was significantly less. Cool. I love it so much! THANKS!!! You rock.

    Dana K. Pacific Palisades, CA on August 27, 2012
  • I'm really excited to have found you on line. We were scratching our heads trying to come up with something fun for a sign in board at my daughters party. Your products look great on line & I'm sure she'll love it for years to come!! Thank you so much for getting this done...we’re really excited to show everyone!! And we'd be honored to have it on your website! Thank you!!

    Barbra W. Mount Laurel, NJ on August 28, 2012
  • The collage arrived in good condition. Christmas is saved! Seriously though I appreciate your help throughout the process. I showed it off at work and shared your site link, hope you get more work. Enjoy your weekend off. Thanks again.

    Laura M. Belford, NJ on December 22, 2012
  • Jim wanted me to reiterate how much he loved his collage and that he would be honored to have it on your web site. He keeps raving about it.

    I'm so glad I picked you. Both your website and customer service are outstanding. I’m glad to be one of your 1,500 satisfied customers.

    Karen A. Glastonbury, CT on January 15, 2013
  • Both collages looks great and we love them both… Great Job!! We would like to order the B&W with faces, so please proceed with the printing. Also, let me know when the final payment needs to be made.

    It would be a honor to have the photo collage featured on your website, so yes you have our permission to feature the photo collage on your website.

    Mike S. Union City, CA on April 2, 2013
  • It looks great! Thank you so much. Please send me the link for payment. If there is any way to have it printed so that I can receive it by this Sat., Apr. 13, that would be awesome. Let me know if you think that is feasible. You can include any charges for expedited freight in my final bill.

    Let me check with my family regarding posting this to your site and get back to you. Thanks again! They are going to love it! [4-8-13]

    update:I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. The collage turned out amazing. My parents loved it. Thank you so much!!! My family was OK with you featuring the collage on your site. Please let me know if you do decide to put it up.

    Kristen Y. Saint Charles, MO on April 28, 2013
  • Omg it looks amazing !!! Yes Ill allow it to be on the site thanks soooo much!!!

    Jennifer P. Wharton, NJ on April 16, 2013
  • Roger - you guys have done a terrific job! Looks great! Yes, you can certainly feature it on your site if you'd like.

    John G. St. Simons Island, GA on May 3, 2013
  • ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING…way beyond what I expected….yes of course you can use it on your site….wow..amazing….it’s a go….a million thank you’s… :)

    Thank you so much for doing this for me. I absolutely love it and it will be a such addition to his graduation party. I appreciate you fitting me in. I will for sure recommend you and your company to everyone. I have a lot of friends that will be having their children graduate in the next few years. My other son will graduate in 2015, so you will be hearing from me to do his collage as well.

    Fran L. Franklin MA on May 16, 2013
  • The collage is stunning. More beautiful than I expected. Don’t know how you produce something like this but your special “magic” is appreciated. Thank you for the wonderful collage. Will remember your company in the future.

    Carole S. Arvoda, CO on May 27, 2013
  • Wow! This looks amazing! Thank you so much, I love it! Of course you can use it on the website. We have a sister agency that has the same photos (taken by same photographer) would you be willing to do a similar collage for them as well? I know when they see it they are going to love it! Again, Excellent job!

    Laura C. Tuscon, AZ on June 4, 2013
  • The mosaic was a HUGE hit last night!!!! Please let me know when you post it to your site – I am sure she will be thrilled to see him on your page. I will be getting my pictures together for my pup. Trying to get just the right one for the main picture. Stay tuned!!! Thanks again for helping to make this pup’s first year birthday so memorable.

    Karen A. York, PA on July 7, 2013
  • Oh my goodness! You have done it again- it is fantastic!!!! It will bring tears, I can assure you! Let me know how we need to settle up, I would like to receive next week so I can get to framers ASAP. Thanks!!!

    Kathryn F. Thompsons Station, TN on December 7, 2013
  • YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!! I love it!!!! Of course you can use the picture mosaic on the site. As I told you earlier this is the 2nd one you have done for me, the first being a blended. I like this one as well, if not better than the first. THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOU GUYS ARE THE BOMB!

    Vickie E. Del City, OK on December 10, 2013
  • I absolutely love i!!! It is perfect!! Of course you can feature it on your website. Thank you so much for making it so beautiful. My parents will love this very special 55th anniversary gift.

    Bonnie S. Buffalo Grove, IL on December 20, 2013

Perfect for parents’...
Anniversary or
Birthday or
or anytime!

We all cherish our precious photos, but no one more than proud parents. Their children and family mean the world to them so a photo collage made of family heirloom photographs would be an exquisite gift idea for a special occasion or for no reason at all.

The blended collage to the right uses This 50th anniversary gift photo collage is 24"x24" and uses 40 photographs, text and the wedding invitation. When hovered, you should be able to view up-close the craftsmanship and our attention to detail that is put in to every collage.

Parents' Anniversary Gift


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We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.