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We print at 200 dpi! High resolution files required for stunning prints. Tip: Screens or monitors are 72 dpi. Therefore, when viewing an image @ 100%, it can print at one-third (33%) it's size. For example, a pic that is 6" on your screen will print fine up to 2".

Upload high resolution images by scanning pictures or send directly from a digital camera/phone

Scanning Images:
Be sure to scan your photos in high resolution to begin with. All scanning software allows you to specify the resolution of image you would like to scan. Selecting 300dpi (or higher) as your scanning resolution will provide you with an excellent quality image for printing purposes.

Importing Images from a Digital Camera:
The only real difference between a high and low resolution image is the amount of pixels/dots (DPI) that are used to create the image. With this in mind, the high mega pixel camera you have taking the picture, the higher resolution the photos will be. Most cameras that can take photos above 3 mega pixels should be more than adequate to provide you with high resolution images. Keep in mind that you must have your camera set to the highest possible resolution when capturing your images.

Locate where your images are stored and upload those files, not the thumbnails or ‘preview’ images. Find where on your hard drive, the original jpg images are being stored.

Resampling & Interpolation - Why Resizing is NOT the Answer!
All artwork design programs allow you to resize an image you are working on, but it's important to understand why simply resizing a low resolution image will not produce a true high resolution image. Making a low resolution image larger to meet the commercial printing specifications of 300dpi for example, is essentially just stretching the image. The technical term is called either resampling or interpolation.

Since high resolution images are based upon the number of pixels an image contains, resizing will not create new pixels, information of the file and will only make each pixel larger by stretching it. The only way to ensure picture perfect high quality printing of your photos and images is to start with a high resolution image obtainable by the methods mentioned above.

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.