Custom Sign-in Boards

We make beautiful, personalized signature boards for any event.

For a one-of-a-kind birthday gift that will never be forgotten, order the blended collage.
Custom Bat Mitzvah Sign-in Board

We create sign-in boards for a family reunion, baby shower, party, corporate event, family reunion or celebration using photographs, invitations and digital images. A sign-in/welcome board is a beautiful lifelong keepsake that adds decorative beauty to a child's bedroom or wreck room. At the event, guests will love viewing the collaged sign-in-board and be able to sign or jot down their messages.

Those of you who have attended a Bar Mizvah (or Bat Mitzvah for women), may be familiar with this. For others, basically there is a photo collage designed and centered on poster board. It is placed on an easel at the entrance to a B’nai Mitzvah party. It is mounted to a large mat and placed without glass in a frame so all the friends can sign it similar to a guest book at a wedding. This portrait often lives in the parents’ house until the child becomes an adult and beyond (sometimes minus the signed mat board). Note: The file is quite large and can be moved around on your screen in order to show the attention to detail. Our logo is not on the actual print.

Other uses for sign-in boards are for a birthday party, Sweet 16 party, wedding or engagement party, an anniversary party or even a family outing or event.

Sweet 16 Sign-in Board

We offer mounting services so it’s instantly ready for your event. For your guests’ convenience, place the sign-in board on an easel. Afterwards, place in a frame (under glass) and enjoy. Sign-in boards can be created in any size or shape and make great, unique conversation pieces at any gathering, party or function and are treasured for the rest of the recipients life!

Using your collection of photographs and digital photos, our artists work with you to create the perfect collage within your budget. We can design them to be any size or shape and make for wonderful, unique addition at any party or event. For answers to our most commonly asked questions check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

ProCollage Photo Collage Spotlight

Make your event unforgettable with a...
Photo Collage Sign-in Board

When you want to commemorate an important event (like a Sweet 16), then create a sign-in board... a blended photo collage. Your guests can view the collage and in an instant can connect and share in the joyous event. As guests leave their remarks, that moment in time becomes encapsulated in a time capsule allowing you to always remeber their pride, thoughts and joy.

Even years after the event, reading the comments can be inspiring and can reignite fond memories of any special occasion. A sign-in board is a creative way to preserve the memories of that day by allowing guests to congratulate the guest(s)-of-honor. Best of all, you’ll have a keepsake to always cherish.

The process is easy. Simply gather your favorite photos, important certificates, documents and treasured relics and see what we can do! Our blended collage prints are completely customizable.

We also offer a more traditional design, the classic border photo collage. Or if collages aren’t your thing, check out our pop-art prints (aka the “Photohol”) and our photo mosaics.

Personalized “Happy Sweet 16” Sign-in Board Custom blended photo collage [uses only nine photos and measures 14"x18" without the 5" signature border area [24"x28" overall frame size]

Sweet 16 Sign-in Board

50th Anniversary Party Celebration
Photo Collage Sign-in Board

[30"x24" with 45 photos]

My parents were thrilled, awed, speechless and amazed. They absolutely love it! My siblings are also similarly pleased. Although "pleased" isn’t really a big enough word, but I’m running out of adjectives! Ann S. - Boston, Mass.
Anniversary Party Signature Board

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.