Best friends photo collages

Custom photo collages: the perfect gift idea for your BFF/Best Friend 

Forever remember your friends and time together using your photos and images
BFF Photo Collage Gift
Picture gift idea for close or best friends - 20"x16" blended photo collagewith 22 photos styled with sepia tone effect

Looking for a special gift for your best friend? Something personalized that shows how much you care and can bring back all of your happy memories together? Consider a photo collage as the best gift idea for your BFF! What better way to pay tribute to that person(s) that’s always been there for you? A photo collage can combine all of your friends photos together on one beautiful piece of art.

What’s better, is that the photo collage can be looked at and cherished forever for all of your friends as we can print copies for each to hang on their own wall.

Photo collages are unique and make fantastic, personal, thoughtful and loving gifts. It is difficult to describe the sense of elation when seeing a collage filled with familiar faces and loved ones. But, please do not just take our word for it, we have many wonderful testimonials from our clients...

ProCollage® Unique Photo Gift for Friend or Family
I can not express the fondness we have for our collage. We hung it in our entryway and it's become such a wonderful coversation piece! I tell everyone that unless you own one, you can not imagine the joy and happy memories I have when I see another “hidden” picture. I pass by my collage everyday and it’s just so uplifting. It truly is the most meaningful picture I have ever owned. Thank you.
Ann S., Boston, MA view more real client testimonials »

Whether you have Polaroids, photographs old or new or digital camera files, our expert collage artists can craft them into a special piece that brings a smile and warm memory. We color correct all images, touch up damaged pictures, remove red eye, remove a person or a portion of a picture you do not want. Our only goal is to create a keepsake within the budget you have and deliever the best possible photo collage. They can be created at any size or shape making them the perfect gift idea for any friend or group of buds! For answers to our most commonly asked questions, check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Special Photo Gift Idea for Girlfriends

Exciting and creative, a blended photo collage is a unique way to commemorate that trip with the girls using those vacation photos! 11"x14" using 14 vaca pics and custom text “Girlfriends in Paradise”.

Creative Gift Idea for Best Friends

Using digital images and photographs, we create photo collages for your BFF when you need a meaningful gift that shows your special connection. 24"x20" with 48 pictures.

Thoughtful Photographic Gift Ideas for BFFs

Photo collages make beautiful, unique gifts for your friends to hang and frame on their walls. Using your favorite digital pictures, images and photos we can design a blended picture collage to give to each friend... 20"x16" with 24 images.

Gift Idea using Photos of a trip with Best Friend

Looking for an idea using vacation photos? Then, send us your scenic images and we’ll create a photo collage to always remember those good times. Best friends collage 12"x9" using 8 photos.

Ideas for Images from a Bachelor Party Event

Never forget your best friend’s bachelor party (or bridal shower!) and give him a gift too! Using photos from the event, we can make a poster print photo collage at any size. This one’s 24"x18" with 32 pictures.

Personalized Retirement Gift Ideas for Coworkers & Friends

For a meaningful, thoughtful going away retirement gift, give them a blended photo collage that includes the entire office. This one’s 20quot;x16" with 15 images of his coworkers.

Meaningful Idea for Friends, Photographers or Thank You Gift

Whatever he or she enjoys, collects, creates or has a passion for, a photo mosaic is a great way to put all of their interests/items together. This one’s 24quot;x20" with 52 photographs of her favorite hobby.
ProCollage® Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day
Photo gift ideas for best friends
Blended Picture Collage created for Anniversary Gift

Photo Gift Idea for Boyfriend/Girlfriends

Digital Photos from Vacation [20"x16" containing 33 images]

I love love love it!!!!! I’m so happy with it, I’m crying happy tears!!!! My boyfriend is going to absolutely be surprised and impressed. Thank You So Much for having a website for those of us that are not talented enough to do this ourselves! And I would be honored for you to put my collage on your website! Yes, you have my permission. Thank You again and I look forward to working with you in the future.
Michelle H. – Oklahoma City, OK on more actual customer testimonials »

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.