Christmas Photo Collages

Personalized & memorable Christmas gifts made from family photos! 

Picture collages & photo mosaics of the family are unique Holiday card ideas.
Unique Christmas Gift for Husband from Pictures

Nothing says, “You‘re Special” like a personalized gift! It shows you went out of your way to find and create the perfect gift and to customize it to make it theirs alone. We individually craft all of our photo collages using your precious family photos, meaning this Christmas present will be more memorable and touching than any other gift imaginable.

Have a collage created for a lifetime of memories for everyone in your family (and friends) to always cherish. The photo mosaic at the right was created for a family that lost their father this year. It is made up of all of his prized nature photographs. Additional prints are inexpensive and those copies were sent to each family member this Christmas so they too could enjoy his life’s passion for nature and photography.

Many of our clients use their collages as personalized, customized Christmas cards. We can create them from your family Holiday past photos or you can send in a new shot. See some of the sample cards below. Personalize your cards with text, a special message and even Holiday cheer like Christmas trees or other decorations. Wersquo;ll create them to your specifications and you can then send holiday greetings to all your family and friends!

Our artists will work with you to create your masterpiece within your budget. These can be created at any size, shape or proportion and make great, unique gifts for newlyweds; friends or family.

Whether you have Polaroids, photographs or digital files, our expert collage artists will work with you to create a personalized keepsake within your budget. They can be created at any size or shape making them the perfect gift idea for the family. For answers to our most commonly asked questions check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Unique Christmas Gift Idea for Dad or Parents

Parents will love this gift, a fantastic Christmas surprise! Using your Holiday photos, we create custom blended photo collages to decorate your walls. This stunning collage contains 84 family photographs and measures 40"x32".

Creative Idea for Cute Christmas Children’s Pictures

Photo collage created from children’s family photos taken during the Holiday’s. 20"x16" photo collage given as a gift to spouse for Xmas. Was also resized and used as their custom Holdiay card.

Custom Picture Collage of Family for Christmas Cards

Blended photo collage Christmas card design 7"x5" created from favorite family photos into sepia-tone and sent to family & friends for the Holidays.

Custom Family Photo Collage Print Idea

Blended photo collages created from favorite family memories and photographs. Additional prints/copies of this 28"x24" collage were made and mailed to family members for great a Christmas gift idea.

Personalized Gift Idea using Old Photographs of Parents

Searching for a creative anniversary gift or use for those old photos in the family album? A blended photo collage is a beautiful way to display them and give your parents a moving gift that they will cherish!

Romantic & Personalized Photographic Gift Idea for Couples

Nothing can win her heart more than a thoughtful, personalized gift that says “I love, respect and care for you”. Our photo mosaic prints do just that. This Holiday, send us your digital images or photographs (20-100+) and see the magic we can make!

Creative Idea for Family Holiday Portraits

A photo collage can combine your holiday pictures into a gorgeous print to hang in your home. From five Christmas photographs, we created this custom blended collage at 14"x11".

Unique Christmas Collage Idea using Old Family Pictures

Create a unique custom family photo collage from old family photographs that are just hiding in photo albums. 24"x18" border photo collage design print using 42 black & white photographs.
Professional Photo Collages Christmas Gift Idea using Family Pictures
Christmas gift idea using digital pictures

Custom Christmas Gift for Family using Photographs & Digital Images

Custom memorial idea from photographer’s personal collection
[24"x20" photo mosaic print with 50+ images]

I have dreaded this Christmas so much. Thanks for giving me a bright spot to share with the family on Christmas Day. They will love these gifts that are so much a part of Dad. My mom had told me she did not know what to do with all of the flower pictures Dad has taken through the years. I think this was the perfect thing. He would be so proud!
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We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.