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Cell Phone Camera Images Been anywhere interesting lately? If you enjoy traveling, sightseeing, or visiting historic landmarks on your vacations, then odds are you took some fantastic snapshots to capture the moment and remember later. All those beautiful and meaningful destinations often leaves us with a pile of stunning images. But what to do with them? Stuff 'em in a photo album to file away? What if you could share them with friends, family and guests and at the same time have them easily viewable so you too can enjoy the memories of that remarkable venture?

The answer to that question and all of your photographic displaying dilemmas is a photo collage! Our blended collages are spectacular, captivating and unique, getting accolades from our customers. If you'd like a more organized approach, consider the classic block, bordered photo collage, which also displays your images together in one frame/print.

A family vacation, group expedition, spontaneous excursion, academic sabbatical, safari tour, wilderness journey, romantic cruise, island hopping adventure or foreign travel all represent an important change of scenery and those memories should be kept fresh in our minds. The significance of those photographs varies but each member of the trip would, no doubt, treasure a collaged print to hang on their wall for a lifetime of remembrance and reflection.

I love love love it!!!!! I’m so happy with it, I’m crying happy tears!!!! My boyfriend is going to absolutely be surprised and impressed. Thank You So Much for having a website for those of us that are not talented enough to do this ourselves! And I would be honored for you to put my collage on your website! Yes, you have my permission. Thank You Again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Update: Love Love Love the Blended Collage of me and my boyfriend on some of our trips!!! It was a gift to him and he absolutely loved it, actually brought tears to his eyes and said this was the best gift he has ever received! Thank You ProCollage.........I’ll be sending you some pics soon to put another smile on our face!!
Michelle H., Oklahoma City, OK read more customer testimonials »

Whether you have Polaroids, photographs or digital files, our expert collage artists will work with you to create a personalized keepsake within your budget. They can be created at any size or shape. They also make great, unique gifts to give to each member of the group. For answers to our most commonly asked questions check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Dream Trip to Baseball Ballpark Collage

Commemorating his lifelong wish of visiting Houston, family members wanted a timeless memento to hang in his home. The blended photo collage “Ray Goes to Minute Maid 2005” is 30"x36" using 21 photographs

Family Safari Vacation to Africa Photography Idea

Using the family’s beautiful photography, we crafted this unique blended collage making a creative idea from those vacation photos. It’s 30"x36" and contains 70 pictures!

Creative Idea using Summer Vacation Pictures

Using family images from their trips to tennis camp in Florida, every year we make a new blended photo collage for a unique concept to display the fun they had. 24"x18" with 35 pics.

Unique Idea to Display Overseas Volunteer Photos

Charities and volunteers often travel to foreign countries to help those in need. Those memories are priceless and a photo collage is the perfect way to memorialize the trip. “Nicaragua 2005” vacation 36"x24" with 44 images.

Awesome Way to Remember Summer House Vacation

With vacation pictures, we offer five unique design ideas. 18"x14" photo mosaic containing 50 mini family pics taken on vacation at their summer home at the shore.

A Neat Gift Idea for a Best Friend using Vacation Pictures

Create a beautiful keepsake of your trip with BFF using the photos you took. 11"x14" blended collage with 11 photos of Minneapolis' landmarks. Print an extra copy and use one as a gift and the other for yourself!

Romantic Photography Gift Ideas

Remember the fun from a romantic getaway with a loved one with a custom collage print to hang in your home. Made from their trip to San Francisco, this 11"x14" blended collage uses 16 pictures.

Unique Collages using Vacation Photos

Enjoy the photos taken while on vacation instead of burying them in an album. Alaska is breath-taking and these shots prove it! 18"x24" blended photo collage from 22 digital photos.

Create a Gorgeous Picture Collage from Honeymoon

A blended photo collage is a unique alternative to the photo album chore. Put your honeymoon photos where you can see them, on your wall! “ALASKA” 24"x24" contains 36 images.

European Vacation Pictures Idea

After these best friends vacationed in Italy, we created a blended collage to display on the wall. Collages are fantastic keepsakes. 18"x14" with 14 photos.

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.