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A question we’re often asked is ‘how did it all start?’. It’s a situation that is probably very relatable...

Florida, 2001 » I was visiting my parents’, we were looking through an old family photo album we hadn’t looked at in years. Seeing them again after 15 years brought back the memories as we reminisced about our childhood (my brother and I) and those “good old times”. It was a warm, comforting feeling to ‘re-see’ those ‘forgotten’ memories.

Family photographs collage Since I handle photos and digital files all the time being a graphic design artist, a thought started to emerge. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I figured I’d figure it out at some point. I had so much inspiration just sharing the memories surrounding those photographs with my family. With the help of my mother (after I assured her they would be returned unharmed), we chose around 75 pics for me to bring home and scan.

I still didn’t know what I was going to do with them but felt sure that anything I do would be better than “hiding” them in a photo album!

The idea hit when my company began selling large color prints to our clients. With all of our favorite family photos scanned I would somehow arrange them into a large print that could be hung on a wall framed and displayed.

I went to work and created the photo collage to the right with 65 family photographs at 30"x36". Since it was my first collage, I hadn’t yet developed a design style or skilled techniques, but even without a center focal photo, it was something I was proud of. Better yet, I enjoyed doing it!

A few months later I returned to my parents’ home in Florida with the print rolled in a tube. The unveiling was something I’d never forget. I unrolled it and was witness to unimagined reactions from my family. They were histerical with laughter and tears! They would point and go “Oh my God! I didn’t even see that one! Look over here!” They enjoyed it so much that I knew I was on to something and that I could do better. The next day at the local frame store, their neighbors saw it and marveled. I got my first order!

I went to work designing ProCollage the logo, site, brochures and worked on only a handful of collage orders at first. When I had enough samples, the website went live and the business took off. Orders increased steadily over time and I perfected the art of collage-making or collaging. As I honed my collaging skills, the clients raved with confidence-boosting testimonials that really inspired me to continue and expand the operation. Even today, hearing the feedback and joy our clients recieve from their collages is no less satisfying than those first ones.

We can be certain our job is done right as many clients order again and again for just about any occasion. We are very proud of that. As well as our growing and loyal following, customer base and dedicated, experienced, highly talented team of graphic artsits and photo collaging experts (each with 10+ years graphic design experience) working on your collages.

Our staff, honestly, takes delight in creating your collage. Starting with just a stack of old photos and crafting them into a work of art for families to enjoy is heart-warming to say the least. We promise that your project will be something you can enjoy forever and showcase on your wall. Thank you again to all of our clients who have helped us thrive and succeed these past 16+ years.

ProCollage Photo Collage Spotlight

Photo gift idea for...
Parents’ 50th Anniversary

My parents were thrilled, awed, speechless and amazed. They absolutely love it! My siblings are also similarly pleased. Although “pleased” isn’t really a big enough word, but I’m running out of adjectives! Denise S. - Fiskdale, MA

Parent anniversary gifts are notoriously difficult to find. This year, make them the most special, thoughtful, heart-warming gift imaginable...a blended collage. It’s a guaranteed winner and a gift they’ll cherish forever.

Photo gift idea for parents anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary
36"x20" blended photo collage with 60 photos made for parents’ anniversary gift

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.