The Bordered Collage

Collage your photographs into beautiful art to hang in your home

Photo collages allow you to enjoy your favorite memories together in one frame

Call them classic collages, blocky, bordered, or a traditional collage layout, they are still a beautiful way to collectively enjoy viewing your photos together. If done correctly, the traditional “photos in boxes” collage is still a unique, engaging arrangement that can also be customized in many creative ways. We specialize in making collages and have been creating them since 2001.

While our blended collages get all of the attention, some people prefer a more organized, image arrangement. We layout your photographs at various sizes (not necessary the same size as your original) to fit into a desired area or frame. These photo collages are still classic and timeless pieces of art and are a great way to get your favorite photos out of the dust covered photo album and onto your wall...where you can enjoy them everyday!

Collages allow you to show off your photos from a particular trip, a memorable party or even portray an entire lifetime! Our experts will not damage or harm your photographs in any way. They are scanned and returned to you in the same condition they were received. We can also use your digital images, provided they are of a sufficient resolution. We often recommend this collage style if your photos have important backgrounds or features or if you are looking for a more structured layout.

All submitted photos are color-corrected and restored. The photo's levels and color composition is adjusted and balanced so each and EVERY picture in your collage is the best it can be. Minor photo repair is done for free as well. If major work is necessary, there may be an additional charge and we'll let you know beforehand.

Retirement Gift Idea for Husband

Gift created for a professional referee’s retirement portraying his accomplishments from his career. This 30"x24" traditional style collage uses 32 photos and includes a customized message.

Personalized Birthday Present made for Mom/Grandmother

“80 Incredible Years of Memories” Bordered Photo Collage for Birthday. 28"x24" with 55 photos.

“Happy 60th Birthday” Blocky Collage

Great surpise photo gift idea for husband celebrating his 60th birthday 20"x16" with 20 photos.

50th Birthday Gift Idea for Wife

Bordered photo collage poster print 28"x24" using 50 photographs and a custom message created for an adoring spouse’s birthday gift.

Creative Anniversary Present for Family

Beautiful traditional style bordered photo collage poster made of his family for his wife as a custom anniversary gift 36"x30" using 72 pictures.

Photo Gift for Best Friends (BFF)

Bordered photo collage 18"x14" created as a unique best friend’s gift idea to celebrate upcoming birthday using 19 of his old family photographs.

Romantic Birthday Gift Idea using Pictures

Block/bordered picture collage designed to be given to his wife for a romantic birthday gift 20"x16" using 19 images and personalized with text.

Poster Print Created using Pictures of Pet Cats

Create a tribute to your favorite pets and always have them to enjoy and look at. Our custom photo collages with borders< are stylish and colorful as well as being a very unique home decor idea. This 12"x36" print uses 36 pictures of their pet cats.

Personalized Creative Birthday Present from Photographs & Pictures

This custom birthday gift was made from 60 photos for a surprise gift. His partner turned 50 and this 24"x28" photo collage was displayed at his surprise birthday party.

ProCollage Photo Collage Spotlight

Personalized photo gift ideas for...
Him or Her’s Birthday

Looking for a meaningful idea to commemorate your partner’s milestone birthday? Then gather their favorite, proudest photos, their savored memories, treasured achievement documentations and diplomas and even their childhood/baby pics and see what we can make!

Instead of hiding those snapshots by scrapbooking with the actual items, we'll scan them and create a one-of-a-kind work of art. Our digital photo collage poster prints are made to be hung on your walls. We print them on high resolution matte materials at any size and use as many photographs or digital files as you'd like. The gorgeous art is created for your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend to cherish forever.

  • Creatively combine favorite images together
  • Photographs are scanned & returned unharmed
  • Pictures on wall are more easily visible than stuffed in photo album
  • Unique, creative & meaningful gift idea
  • 100% customizable & personalizable
  • Classic style

Personalized Photo gift idea for Birthdays

“Happy 50th Birthday” Bordered Collage Custom birthday gift for mother/wife photo collage includes surprise party invitation as center [24"x36" with 50 photos].

We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.