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Custom photo collage ideas make unique personalized gifts for any special occasion. ProCollage® can blend your memorable photographs and digital photos into a unique photo collage. We offer five different photo collage styles/designs to choose from. All photographs that are submitted to ProCollage® are returned to you unharmed. View our collages by occasion: Wedding Collage Ideas, Anniversary Collage Ideas, Birthday Collages, Family Reunions, Pet Photos Idea, Christmas Gift Idea, (Best Friend) BFF Gift Idea, Baby Photo Collage Ideas, Team Photo Collage Ideas, Vacation Photo Ideas and many more. Below are our different collage styles, in order of popularity:


Having trouble choosing a style?

We offer five vastly different and distinctive design styles. Each is created with the same care and attention to detail we’ve had since our inception over 10 years ago. In most cases you can choose whichever is more appealing to you or to what your recipient will enjoy. But, there are certain situations in which the original files or photos can dictate a style that better suits what we have to work with. Answer the questions below to get our recommendation for the style that would best display your supplied images/photographs.

A: Yes  →  Then our recommendation is a border collage. Placing each photo in it’s own area will allow viewers to see every photo in it’s entirety without interference.

A: No  →  Then we suggest the blended collage. The method of blending your photos together makes a gorgeous, seamless creation that will highlight the subjects and leave out most obtrusive and unwanted backgrounds.

A: 1-4  →  Pop art print

A: 5-10  →  Blended collage, block collage (8+) or photo mosaic

A: 11-15  →  Blended collage if your pictures are high resolution images or are photographs. Border collage if you have files that are mid-sized. Photo mosaic for those using images taken from websites like Facebook (low-res files - 5" @ 72 dpi). See next question...

A: 16-60  →  Blended collages look great if the size/images ratio is correct. Border collages and mosaics work well too.

A: 60+  →  The blended collage and border collage can begin to reach oversized proportions. If you have the space to hang it, then no problem. Picture mosaics are always possible with any quantity of images.

A: Yes  → Blended collage or border collage

A: No →  Photo mosaic

A: Cherish them all →  Blended collage. But, consider a border collage if the backgrounds of your photos are important to you

A: Quick pics →  A photo mosaic might be perfect since the mini pics are literally the size of your thumbnail

A: Adventurous →  Blended collage or Pop-Art print

A: Conservative →  Border collage

A: Yes [~$100] →  Pop-Art print or Photo Mosaic with less than 50 pics.

A: Yes [~$175] →  Border collage or a smaller blended collage

A: Yes [~$250+] →  Blended collages are our most popular and have the most lasting effect. No other collages can compare to ours making them the most original and unique way to display your fav photos

A: Well lit room with close access  → Blended collage, border collage or photo mosaic

A: Darker area from a distance  → Border collage, large photo mosaic, Pop-Art print

A: Great idea! →  Printing additional copies is always an option, but border collages and photo mosaics can be easily changed in order to give each member of your family or group their own, individualized print.

The center photo of a border collage can be changed to a different pic to feature that person. Also, the main image in a photo mosaic can be swapped but keeping the same mini pics. Pricing for these adjustments are minimal so it's easy and extra affordable to surprise EVERYONE with their own collage!

Blended collages can be a bit tricky to individualize, but it can be accomplished. If you let us know beforehand we can better plan for it and keep costs low.

A: Yes →  Border collages work great for closeups of faces or shots of people cropped at the neck. They also can better show off your scenic, outdoor photographs. Images that have heads cropped or at the edge of the photo make blending them together rather difficult. Often the collage will have harder transitions. A border collage gives our designers much more leeway with it's placement.

A: No →  If a majority of your images contain people and most of their body without being cut-off, then any style would work, especially our blended collages.

Collages are the perfect gift idea for
Special Birthday,
Best friend’s wedding,
Family Gift for Christmas,
Parents’ 50th Anniversary

Really you don't even need a special occasion. A photo collage is simply a unique way to bring cherished memories in front of your face, into your everyday life. Make those forgotten pictures more easily to appreciate. Proud parents, especially those celebrating a special milestone anniversary, are sure to love a photo collage, most likely more than anyone else.

With over five decades of memories together, there is guaranteed to be a treasure-trove of rarely seen yet meaningful photographs for them to enjoy again. Taking these and combining them with pictures of their children, pets, close relatives and friends would mean the world to them. No other gift can be as touching or impactful for their special occasion of fifty years of marriage.

The blended collage to the right was made for a 50th anniversary gift , measures 24"x24", contains 40 photographs, text and the wedding invitation. When hovered, you should be able to view up-close the craftsmanship and attention to detail that is put in to every collage.

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We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.