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Photo Collage

Photo collages are creative gift ideas for:
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Clean, classic and captivating


Photo Collage

We make classic/block collages as:
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Digital images made into custom


Photo Montage

Photo mosaics are unique gift ideas for:
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Personalized ideas for loved ones


‘Photohol’ Prints

Photographic wall murals created for:
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Unique photo ideas for events


Welcome Boards

Custom sign-in boards personalized for:
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Create a beautiful custom photo collage from pictures to hang on your walls

Personalized picture collages are meaningful gift ideas that last forever

ProCollage® makes personalized, unique photo collages for any occasion using your pictures, digital images, photographs, invitations or documents. Each picture collage is customly created as a gorgeous, original masterpiece according to your specifications. All work is individually crafted pic by pic by our digital artists, not “generated” by a program. This hand-crafted process makes our photo collages and mosaics a truly meaningful, thoughtful and special gift idea for anyone, anytime and for any occasion.

Every picture collage and photo mosaic print is completely customizable to fit any budget AND the perfect fit when hung in your home. Additionally, we color-correct, repair and restore your old, faded photographs to appear like they were taken yesterday! The ordering process is easy and safe. You can upload your digital images or send us actual photographs for scanning (no need to make copies)! Upon completion of the collage, your pictures are returned to you unharmed.

Place your order in 4 simple steps

choose style

We have four unique collage design styles to choose from.

Our most popular style is our trademarked specialty, the blended collage. Not sure which to order? We can help you narrow it down.

send photos

Be forewarned. Weeding out your photos for inclusion can be a time-consuming, memory-filled, yet ultimately difficult process!

Send photographs in a sturdy package for maximum protection. And, yes, we return them.

initiate order

We accept checks, cash, money orders and credit cards via Paypal®, a safe, quick and free online credit card merchant.

FYI: you do not need to have an account with Paypal®. You only need an email address.

finalize order

Proofs are sent via email, usually within 7-10 days. 24 hour turnaround is often available.

Send photographs in a sturdy package for maximum protection. And, yes, we return them.

Professional Collages by the Experts

Since our inception in 2001, ProCollage® has created well over 1,200 custom photo collages. From our very own specialty, the blended collage to classic block (collage with borders), to stunning photo mosaics as well as canvas and custom pop-art prints for clients worldwide. The sincere feedback and testimonials we receive are tremendously inspiring, heart-warming and let us know we’re doing things right.

Our reputation and quality is unmatched in the digital collaging industry. Our professionally trained digital artists create 100% customized works of art from your photos or files.

Trust Guaranteed Satisfaction

Have you heard?

We’ve received countless, thank-you customer testimonials and feedback over the years. These are REAL, unedited and very much appreciated.

I will treasure my collage forever!

I am truly so pleased with the outcome of my huge fantastic, collage. You and your team have created a wonderful piece of work for my family and I to enjoy... forever. We are certainly OK with you featuring our collage on your website. I am most thrilled with my new piece of artwork and will treasure it forever!

Birthday Gift using Family Photographs & Digital Images written by
Cheryl B. from
Brooklyn, New York
on April 12, 2010
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Got a question or a comment? Ask it here or call (702) 426-1212 from 10am-6pm PST. For a new project, use our online order form.

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We create picture collages for unique photographic gifts built for any occasion from your images or files.